Hoganekkal Falls

First of all apologies for the delay in posting the Hoganikkal Fall details.  Delay is an understatement  because I  by this time don’t even remember the dates of our travel.  

We were to meet at our BWS administrator Vinayak’s home at 6:30 am (BTW they have thrown me and Sanju out of BWS and am really upset about it. Not that it really matters but my ego is hurt big time. I am still mending it hoping an apology from any one of the BWS administrators. Vinayak are you listening?) .  We got late because of the lazy Saturday start. Sanju, me, Vinayak, Sunil, the 4 of us started at 7 am and picked up Ayan from somewhere (I don’t remember the name of the place and I am not the only one, I asked Sanju and Vinayak, they also do not know the name of the place where we picked Ayan from) then the gang of 5 musketeers started their Hoganikkal bound journey. 

Lola gets started.  Ayan singing along to some Bangla song, getting photographed by Sanjukta, Vinayak driving, Sunil sitting next to him and then I give a performance on “Namak Isk ka” song and get video graphed by Sanjukta again.  

As we started very early we had to stop somewhere for breakfast, so we stop at a run down shack on Krishnagiri road  scaring people away at that shop with our dancing  and our singing skills. I and Sanju jiggled on “Khaike Pan Banares Wala” and a small child (Look at Vinayak’s Hoganikkal photo) who was doing her homework there, packed her bag and fled.

After some ruckus, we hogged on some tea, idly and egg dosa. The food was ok but we still had each other’s brain which we could chew to wit’s end. Ate, ate, ate, then took a lot of pictures, everyone modeled and Sunil fell down with his jumping jack pose. Cuddled a small cat and fed it dosa, idly left overs. 

Now it was Sunil’s turn to drive, and I wanted to sit next to him to see his driving. But fate had something else planned, as we sped at 60km/hour, little did we realize that the Quails standing just about 15 meters away from us would be our reason to shell 1500 bucks and later half a lac as repair charges for Lola. Poor Lola could not stop and hit herself. Luckily we were not hurt, managed to convinced the owner of the Quails that we don’t have much money to give him, that we only have 1500 bucks which we eventually gave away.  

Started driving again, Sunil was feeling all apologetic and we all tried to cheer him up.  Stopped in the middle of the road because I wanted to run in the paddy fields as Vinayak went the other way to see some butterflies. Later we all had coconut water where a goat was drooling and tried its best to have my coconut. The Coconut man almost fell in love with Sanju and came to see her off till the car.  

We started again and reached Hoganikkal, went inside a very sad hotel to have some beer since it was very hot outside.  The bartender looked even more sad at our sight and reluctantly served us beer and fryums from a bucket.  Sanju and I sang, “kaise rahu chup ki maine pee hi kya hai, hosh abhi tak hai baki” to the gentleman hoping it will act as an anti-depresseant. Sunil all of a sudden wanted to become the barman and I joined him and asked everyone, “What would you like to have sir?” Later was corrected by Sunil, and was asked to rephrase my sentence as, “Try this sir, try this sir.” 

Later we all sat outside in the sun under a shade. In some time Beer started making calls; Nature calls.  Vinayak and I searched for a loo, which we found after 10 minutes of convincing to the hotel receptionist that we actually, truly, deeply, madly wanted to go to the loo. 

After sometime, when the sun was a little strong, we started for the falls by foot and the moment we were outside the gate we started our hogging sessions by trying out fish fries and some other kind of idly I don’t remember the name of. 

Shopped for some shorts and Tees, haggled, bargained and ended up looking like one  loser “chaddi gang” member who must have gone out to break someone’s house but later got caught and was chased out of the village. So there we go, reach the river bank, hop on to coracles and start our  journey in water.   

Guduk, Guduk, we go everywhere, take a merry go round ride, get splashed and then park ourselves at a safe fall side. “Safe” will not be a right word to use because Vinayak almost lost his knickers. While he made desperate attempts to save his chaddis like a man in a rescue team trying to save a dying, drowning, helpless man, I see Sunil and Ayan making out. Sunil towering over Ayan, making ecstatic faces while Ayan, from behind making strange moves loudly screaming out the “F” words.   

After 2 hours of getting machine washed in a natural Jacuzzi, we coracled to the mouth of the fall to shoot the sunset. Man what a sight!!! The monsoon was blaring and so was the fall which was at its full frenzy, gushing out oodles of water as if there is no tomorrow.  The sunset was amazing. It was dark and we were the only people stranded in the river. But I must say that our coracle man was an expert who got us back to the mainland in that pitch darkness with no safety regulations whatsoever. 

Evening ended with omelets, fish fries and cups of chai.  By the time we were ready to leave for Bangalore, it started raining again.  We called it a day with cups of coffee from CCD at the Bangalore Airport and some fond memories of the trip which ended in no casualties. J   


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