Monthly Archives: January 2008


Simple life and a Simple joy

Simply speaking a simple ploy 

Simple colors simple talk

Simple song and a  simple folk 

Simple rhymes that I know

Simple us and a simple vow 

Simplicity, uncomplex

Easy going and unperplexed 

Unsimple mind but Simple thoughts

Simple children and grownup fought 

Simple truth and simple facts

Simple gestures and simple acts 

 Its not that hard,

its not that tough

Its not that simple

its not that rough

Its easier said than easier done

Simple joys of a simple fun 

A boring joke and a pretentious laugh

A hard to please flesh full heart 

A group of friends and the change

A simple feeling that has faint 

Laughter club and the joy luck group

Lucky me and the simple troupe 

All gone, gone, far very far

Simplicity could not keep at par 

Simplicity fails but does not give up

Tries her best to keep the pace up 

She runs, she stumbles,

Sometimes, trips over too 

She falls but cant be booed away or shooed 


Run, Run, Run else Danny Sanjay will come

This New Year’s  day, I ran away at 2 in the morning with Vinayak, who ran frantically for his life without his clothes.  Yes you heard me right, Vinayak ran without his clothes. 

What else could you have done when your own pissed drunk, trusted friends threaten you to drag to a drunkards party, make you dance on Kannada numbers and pour beer, sticky fruit juice and ice cold water on you? 

That is what had actually happened to the 5 of us this New Year’s eve party which we celebrated on Sunil’s insistence at some random resort called the Woodrich Resort, which is just below the “Nandi Hills”.  

Sunil and Sanjay who had gone there before, could not find the way to the resort this time, as a result of which, all of us where lost. Later we found it out to be situated on  a “No Man’s” land (quite literally). 

This had turned out to be a disaster from the very start and we could not even check out other options.  Seeing Aunties, Uncles eating a quiet dinner was the first blow.  This is not how I would have wanted to party. My definition of party is music, dance and fun. But I should have seen the “Red Horns” and “Spiked Tail” on Sunil’s body when he took us to this DJ Ronnie all night dance party with a Bon Fire which started coyly on a “Couple Game” note.

Little did I know that I would end up seeing myself (a hardcore Delhiite), Vinayak (from Kolkata), my friend Abhishek (Poor guys is from Kota, Rajasthan. My apologies to him for making him go through this), Ayan (with 2 broken Ligaments, parceled from Kolkata) and Sweet and shocked beyond belief Vandana, dancing on Kannada numbers and listening to “Jai Karnataka” “Jai Dr. Raj Kumar” speech given by some local goon.  

We still tried to have fun in the middle of all this, even danced on ancient Punjabi numbers. (Thankfully DJ Ronnie did not play, “Tutak Tutak Tutak Tutia”). 

While we were trying to figure out ways to keep ourselves entertained, Sunil, Sanjay, Danny and 2 more friends were hatching plans to start a full fledged “water canon” war.  I did not read the warning signal and that invisible danger sign with a skull and 2 criss cross bones, tattooed on Sunil’s big Head, when he started telling us a story on how he celebrated his New Year’s Party last year.  Abhishek, smartly, saw what was coming and quietly sneaked out of the whole scene to hide inside the cottage along with fractured Ayan.  But in the name of God, the wholly spirit, the Dalai Lama, we could not save our selves from the water cans that kept coming on to me, Vinayak and Vandana. As if the water was not enough, we were given a Juice treat also.  

Somehow, we 3 sneaked out and went to our cottage, took shower.  Luckily Vinayak and I were carrying change of clothes but Vandana was not that smart you see. She remained in her wet, sticky jeans. 

Half hour later, I see, a doped out Danny and Drunk Sanjay coming with beer mugs and ice cold water cans and insisting us on joining the party again. 

In the words of Danny, “Its our party now. We will not let the DJ go home. All the 60 people out there are our friends now. C’mon guys, lets party.  Else I will call all the 60 people and they will drag you to the party, pour water on you.”  

I could imagine each scene as Danny went on blabbering. Saw Danny, Sanjay putting the entire Can of water on Vandana again. I immediately said, give us 5 minutes we will be there. Vinayak and the rest chorused.  

Danny, “Ok I will wait for 5 minutes after that 60 people will come and take you guys away.” 

As I saw, Sanjay, Danny leaving the room, and as I was thinking “how can I run away from here?”  We heard, Ayan saying, “Guys, lets run away” We all agreed unanimously, as if we were all saying the same thing at the same time. 

I saw, Vinayak run away with his camera bag, and leaving all his wet clothes behind. I with Abhishek quickly packed the lap top, the clothes, the speakers, the bags and dragged ourselves towards the parking lot, while Vinayak ran frantically, screaming run, run, run as if his pants were on fire. Ayan limped and reached the car before we did, even with a fractured ligament and a crutch. 

While we were still struggling to reach the car, I could feel, Sanjay’s cell phone which was in my bag, ringing. I screamed, someone’s calling which triggered the adrenalin button for everyone. We just “RAN” away without looking back even for a second lest we got chased by the rest of the 5 drunk friends. 

We lost our way again, but somehow reached a  24 hour CCD. By the way, before leaving, Vandana and I had picked up Sanjay’s cell phone and wallet to teach him a lesson.  And like I said before, Coffee is a source of mental ejaculation, I came up with an idea. While having coffee, Vandana and I smsed people from Sanjay’s cell phone.

1 sms goes to Sanju, my childhood friend, who was on a vacation with her mom, “I love you, muah. You are so sexy.”  

Another sms goes to Surabhi, Sanjay’s collogue, “I want to sleep on your lap, I want to bathe with you.” 

Prayed that Surabhi would file a sexual harassment case against Sanjay. 

Our fuel was over so went to MG road to get gas, then drove back to Nandi Hills. The roads were densely Fogged with “zero” visibility. Reminded me of Delhi winters.

Reached Nandi Hills, and saw the 1st sunrise of 2008.  

How significant, we successfully ran away from all the bad things, leaving behind 2007 and started 2008 with a hopeful sun rise.  

We could see all the fog that had settled on the city.  Had Maggie, bread, omelets, idli, coffee breakfast.  

And guess what, in the afternoon, made plans on how to take revenge from Sunil and Danny with guess who…? With Sanjay, who had come to our place to pick his cell phone. 

The whole thing had turned out to be quite exciting though and all my life I wanted to run away, elope with a boyfriend. Never knew this is how I would, partially live my dream…run away with my husband and few other friends from 5 other friends on a New Years Day. J