Simple life and a Simple joy

Simply speaking a simple ploy 

Simple colors simple talk

Simple song and a  simple folk 

Simple rhymes that I know

Simple us and a simple vow 

Simplicity, uncomplex

Easy going and unperplexed 

Unsimple mind but Simple thoughts

Simple children and grownup fought 

Simple truth and simple facts

Simple gestures and simple acts 

 Its not that hard,

its not that tough

Its not that simple

its not that rough

Its easier said than easier done

Simple joys of a simple fun 

A boring joke and a pretentious laugh

A hard to please flesh full heart 

A group of friends and the change

A simple feeling that has faint 

Laughter club and the joy luck group

Lucky me and the simple troupe 

All gone, gone, far very far

Simplicity could not keep at par 

Simplicity fails but does not give up

Tries her best to keep the pace up 

She runs, she stumbles,

Sometimes, trips over too 

She falls but cant be booed away or shooed 


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