The Changing Face of Women

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This photo was taken by Lighttripper in Jhansi when we had gone there for a wedding in our family.

Coming from Delhi, this was the first time when I saw women being a part of any Band Party and carrying  heavy lights on their heads. Traditinally, it has always been a “man’s job” so to say and that is what had struck me.

I don’t know if I should be happy about the fact that women afterall are getting into jobs which were otherwise known to be as man’s forte and thus becoming financially independent.

The question is why are women taking up these petty jobs?

I guess one reason could be inflation.

Single income is not enough to make the ends meet hence women (even if they don’t want) take up whatever comes to their platter and it is all the more safe for a woman to work with other family members or husband in a big city.

It is good to know that with two incomes the standard of life may increase, the children will get education and thus be smarter and aware but does the income of the wife (woman) bring her any independence or not is still to be seen becuase who knows at the end of the day the husband is taking all the money from her for alcohol.

But her job definitely is bringing her more confidence to face the world and an option to walk away from a bad marriage becuase she is not at all dependent on her man any more. However, single women that too from villages or without a man as her guardian has a difficult road ahead to pave because our men have a long way to go interms of mental liberation.


3 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Women

  1. Very glad to see you blogged about something most people would not take notice of.

    Yes it gives me pleasure too to see women doing jobs which are traditionally meant for men…even if its a job that requires greater physical strength, if a woman can do it and does it voluntarily then why not..

    And i think this problem of woman being dependant on her husband and not being able to walk out of a drunkard husband is more amongst middle class, upper middle class because of the stigma attached to divorce… amongest lower class the working women are quite independent from what I have seen.

    True at times their husband beat them up but then they also do a lot of things on their own terms..its strange.. but i personlly feel the lower class in the cities are still better off than the so called educated middle class women.

  2. A thought provoking post.

    I think the reason why women are ending up doing jobs like this is inflation. It is indeed good seeing women doing jobs traditionally done by men.

    However I only saw the women doing the light carrying work, none of them were playing the instruments.

  3. I think its very imp for women to be trained in some vocation. I have been haunted by the face of a lady I met on a visit to my newly acquired extended relative’s place. She was a 32-33 year childless woman, (looked forty-plus) and was newly-widowed.

    She was as curious as the rest to meet me as the new-bahu, but I guess the irony of meeting a newly-wed really hit her hard. She burst into tears on my shoulder. I was shell-shocked but then I took her to her room and sat with her for an hr helping to sort out myriad unspoken thoughts and fears.

    She wanted to work, she wanted to be independent, but she wasnt educated. She missed her husband, who even purchased her undergarments. She was penniless, except for the 1000 rs a month stipend that her in-laws gave her. I was petrified – to think of her dependency on the people who didnt really know what to do with her now.

    I fell speechless when I heard the family’s off-hand remark, “Well, her parents must think what they want to do about her! They should find a groom!” I was flabbergasted – once the girl entered her husband’s house she was expected to forget the home of her childhood. But now without her husband, she was suddenly expected to go back to her parents ,and her parents were suddenly expected to plan for her future.

    The conservative environment of her in-laws family also didnt want her to go out of the house and pursue further education or seek work. Wouldnt it allow society to raise fingers on them – that they cant feed and clothe a young widow and have allowed her to fend for herself.

    I really wonder what lies in store for this woman! I wish her all the best!

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