A Bad Mother


Woman you are bad;

No guilt; You are Bad;

No pangs as you let your child die ;

In substance fang;

Woman you are a bad mamma;

Knocked-out she was;

She must have cried out;

“Help me mamma”

You, a bad person;

Served in prison for slaughter of a man;

Your child deserved to die; In the hands of a lustful man

 It dont matter if it was rape;

Coz you were bad so you better take the blame;

So what if the rapist had a bad upbringing too;

Had drugs like your daughter do;

Like so many others; We will pass the buck

Coz unlike you, we dont have a gut;

To ask, To question


WHY Fiona, Why and How did your daughter die?

What bad did you do? What went wrong, where and why?

I am happy as long as I blame;

Coz it don’t matter as long as

Its not my lad and may dame;

I am busy being a good mother

Cooking breakfast and a nice supper;

While my children try “It” out; For the heck of it

For tommorrow; When Scarlett dies

As I watch Your lonley fight

I will also unaware, Opine

“Blame it on her mother: She deserved to die”

Keeling’s killing may have

Run a chill down my spine;

But we will not question the Kings;

Why did you let her die? Why did you not make it safe?

Tommorow Mister Chief Minister;

Your children may also play

In the same play ground; Where Scarlett Died

Tommrow I will have you to blame

As I in unison claim;

Bad Father’s children derserves to die








10 thoughts on “A Bad Mother

  1. True to the core … its women and women always to blame for anything that goes wrong in the world – u see we are the part of the three vices – the three W’s – wealth, wine and women … all lead to disaster!!!

  2. Well written,
    As much as there is a sarcastic tone about women being blamed for practically everything wrong under the sun, it is a sad fact that such thoughts and controversies emerges only when a non-indian kid suffers
    How many rapes and murders of Indian women has been a national and international debate. Goan Soldier got killed in UK-as part of hate crime. All he got was probably a candle light march and apologies that something unfortunate has happened. Maybe we can do the same for Scarlett.

    @Aneesha.. Can we say that three M’s also lead to disaster- Men, Money and Marriage…

  3. Hi Snigs

    I found this interesting Erratica by Bachi Karkari http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/B_Karkaria_Why_we_love_to_hate_Fiona/articleshow/2890107.cms
    that echoes similar thots in prose:

    “Amidst the pity and the condemnation there is also grudging admiration. Fiona may be an irresponsible parent, but she is certainly a very brave one who has singlehanded taken on Goa’s ruthless power structures — apart from exposing herself to the lynch mob of Perfect British Mums. Admittedly, the prime witness, ‘Masala Mike’ Mannion, was a friend of the main accused, and Scarlette was not his daughter, but what did this strapping male do when he came upon ‘Samson doing dirty things’ to this zapped teenager? He turned tail and fled ‘because i was an outsider and feared for my life’. Fiona has refused to be cowed down.

    In this distorted passion play, who is the anti-Christ? The woman who thumbed her nose at convention and paid a price no mother should ever have to? Is it the bestial Samson D’Souza and all the pathetic dramatis personae of this shaming episode? Or is the Satanic cabal of Goa’s drug mafia, police and politicians which has despoiled the original flower-power haven, and corrupted its gentle ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’ mantra into one of violence and greed?

    In this perverse litany, i would hate to include our middle-class morality which sees Fiona MacKeown not as a tragic figure or even misguided mother, but as the deserving object of Divine Wrath. But, alas, there’s never a dearth of those ready, willing and raring to cast the first stone. “

  4. Seema, to your response addressed to me, I can only say that this is the greatest irony of our lives .. we always try to find reasons to blame everyone and everything for the misgivings and the malfunctions in our lives. Whats most interesting that in this blame game, we never ever point the finger at ourselves.

    BTW, my response to Snigs blog had a “sarcastic undertone” which I am sure was taken in the same light by Snigs.

    Happy reading 🙂

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