3 Heads, 2 tails and the bounce


Yesterday we went to drop our puppies to this Kennel. The wrong turn that we took lead to a potholed broken road, where only one car could pass through.  We could not reverse and reached a dead end which lead to an open field, covered in water as it had rained. While turning back the rear wheel fell into a ditch but we managed somehow. We are blessed with a good driver. As we continued our search, I saw an open plot of land which looked like those swamps of scary movies where crocodiles prey or dead bodies float.  To a third person, it must have been a funny sight with 3 people and 2 dogs inside a red car, all bouncy, jumpy as if they were all on some feel good happy drug where as the reality was, 3 people desperately searching a Kennel on a broken, potholed, bumpy road covered with mud and water along with two restless puppies who have got springs attached to their tailed bums.


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