Misty Marriage

I never thought that my wedding was going to be something worth mentioning. I mean most of us get married and lavish weddings are talked about. I on the other hand, had a very simple, spurr of the moment wedding with Vinayak.


It was a simple affair, with no frills and fancies but extraordinary none the less.  After all not everyone goes to the Himalayas, at 13,000 ft. to get married and that is why I think our wedding story was on livemint.com as well as on Mint’s print edition too on 5th April 2008.


Our special thanks to Sumana Mukherjee for  narrating our wedding story in such a beautiful way.

Here is the link to the site.

Image of the paper. We were in Bombay, on our way to Vinu’s place in Colaba when we bought this paper from Church Gate station. 

Alternate Life-Misty Marriage


3 thoughts on “Misty Marriage

  1. Congratulations of accomplishing a feat!

    Btw, whose idea was it to go up to the mountains and get bonded in holy matrimony?

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