My Extraordinary Life

I lead a simple and ordinary life. I wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, go to work, check my mails, day dream, come back, play with my dogs, spend some time with Vinayak and go to bed to repeat the same task tommorrow. In all its ordinaryness, the extraordinary things make my life ‘simply” beautiful.


I wake up at the sound of the alarm, turn it off, check the time, do a mental mathematics in fraction of a second to know how much more can I sleep, turn around, Vinayak is still by my side, put my arms around him, doze off…

Vinayak wakes up, gets ready to walk the dogs, kisses me goodbye, I sleep for somemore time before I finally wake up, puppies are back, all healthy and playfull, they lick me, jump on me, Vinayak hugs me again, says that he loves me atleast 10 times, we eat breakfast together, go to work together, I kiss him goodbye, I keep thinking about him the whole day, check my mails, reply, procastinate, work, make plans, wait for Vinayak to pick me up, kiss him again on seeing him, we reach home, puppies over powering us, have tea together, talk a lot, love each other, fall asleep in each others arms…


That’s my life, simple, ordinary..but isnt happiness lies in simple things of life?


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