Jamai Shoshti

Mother: Soooo… you want to become my son-in-law. Suitor: No, but I don’t see any other way to marry your daughter.


In the month of Jaishtha , there is a festival among Bengalis called, Jamai Shoshti -a celebration meant for the beloved son-in-laws. Usually during shoshti, the sixth day of the lunar mothers fast for the well being of their offspring. Shoshti in the month of Jaishtha is dedicated to the son-in-law. On this day, the mother-in-laws pray for their son-in-law’s good health and fortune. After prayers, they are treated to a scrumptious dinner and new clothing.


This year Jamai Shoshti fell on Monday, 9th June. I was feeling  lazy since morning so decided to bunk office. Vinayak stayed at home to give me company and 12 p.m. when I finally woke up, the carpenter was there to repair the Kitchen door. Vinayak’s 1st Jamai Shoshti after our wedding, started on an insinuation, when the carpenter quipped, “I would not have come to this house had I not promised to come. This place stinks.” Yes, our home stinks because of the always pooping dogs that we own.


Maa  lives in another city, so she had given me special instructions to make Vinayak’s day very special and cook all his favourite food.  But the kitchen was virtually sealed for us and we ordered chocolate mousse, crab masala, prawn fry, mutton pepper fry from Mangalore Pearl. By the time we were all ready to go out to celebrate Jamai Shoshti, it was 8 p.m. We decided to go out, pick booze and food. We bought wine and some cold cuts from Food World and I made some sandwiches after coming back home.


In the evening as Kenny Roger’s crooning went on, we were reasonably drunk and decided to do justice to the wine by making love to each other in all our tipsiness..


While we were at it, we could hear the clanking sound of Allepey’s heart shaped leash locket. But we did not care. When we came out, there were empty plates which once had food especially laid out for my Vinayak on his special day. Our two puppies had partied on all the food that was there when we were busy coo chi cooing in the middle of the night.


So there it was Vinayak’s 1st Jamai Shoshti feast  in the tummy of our doggies


4 thoughts on “Jamai Shoshti

  1. What? you mean they ate the food you had for yourselves? or was it the left over..omg these dogs have become such monkeys I am gonna come and scold them a lot 😀

  2. Aha! What an wonderful experience for this jamai shoshti for me which is first to me. And i enjoyed a lot with my family

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