Old and Abandoned


Originally uploaded by lighttripper

Photo Courtesy:- Vinayak (lighttripper)

I get a very strange feeling when I see old dilapidated houses. I mean for me, there is only home and not house. So when I see old ruins of abandonment, I see abandoned homes. This photo also gives a very sad and haunted feeling juxtaposed with mystery.
I am so intrigued by this photo that I feel like going and knocking on the door where people once came and were welcomed by the lady of the house. I want to go inside and touch the walls which echoed the shrill cries of a playful child. The courtyard where grandmother must have put mangoes to dry for pickle. The bathroom which troubled mother with a leaking tap. All has been left behind, the bricks peeping through the walls in hope…just in case…

Old houses are like old parents, children grow up and leave behind old parents. This house also has been left behind by its owners, unkempt, uncared for, alone…


One thought on “Old and Abandoned

  1. Yes indeed, these houses have seen so much happiness, sadness and the gmaut of human emotions, hopes fears. They are silent spectators to history. This house is Ulsoor is over a 100 years old.

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