Last evening on our way back from work I stopped at an ATM on Coles Road. There I saw this light brown spitz wandering aimlessly in the middle of the road amidst heavy traffic. Luckily the drivers could see it and slowed down but I kept thinking aloud about the dog and its state. It was small and was probably abandoned or lost. It had no collar and had matted fur.

I was thinking and talking about it to Vinayak who was waiting for me inside the car when I saw it getting hit by a motor bike and fall down. It did not move and I thought it must have died. I ran  towards the road where it lay still in the middle of traffic. It lay there with eyes wide open and motionless giving me all the reasons to believe that it must be dead. But then I saw its paws move a little, I immediately rushed and carried it in my arms. It was a female.

Vinayak and few other passers by also came, one girl also waited till Vinayak got all the numbers for the Animal Shelter CUPA. We decided to take her to CUPA which was about 7-8 Kms from Frazer Town which meant 1 hour of travel in that rush hour. But we were adamant on saving her. Through out our entire journey to CUPA she kept breathing heavily and drooled a lot.  We were expecting the worse but we made it to the hospital on time.


About CUPA:-

CUPA is an organisation for the welfare of animals. A registered public charitable Trust, CUPA was founded in 1991 by Crystal Rogers, an Englishwoman who made India her home. From two tiny rooms in her house, CUPA today operates from three centres and occupies a total land area of ten and a half acres. More than 10,000 wild and domestic animals pass through its portals, and activities range from urban stray dog control to load bearing animal relief centres; from a veterinary hospital, emergency care centre, and 24/7 animal shelter operation to rehabilitation of wildlife in their indigenous forest zones.

CUPA is also involved with legal issues protecting the interest and welfare of animals, wild and domestic, in the High Court of Karnataka.
It has popularized the compassion for both stray and pet animals through the writing of columns in local newspapers, thus making it acceptable for urban people to adopt homeless animals.

Today, CUPA in Bangalore is synonymous with animal advocacy and welfare. The Karnataka Veterinary and Fisheries Science University (KVAFSU) has generously allowed use of its land for an Animal Shelter on their campus in Hebbal, where CUPA provides personalised care for stray, wounded, abused and abandoned animals.

There were no external injuries but she looked shocked. The x-ray confirmed no fractures. The doctor gave her pain killer and asked us to take her to CUPA animal shelter. We left her at CUPA for adoption or at least some peaceful days to spend there at that age. (Doctor said she must be 7-8 years old at least).  CUPA vet hospital looked well equipped with ambulance and other peripherals and runs on charity. We bade farewell to her and named her “LUCKY.”

It was 9:15 in the night when we reached home and were greeted by two hungry dogs of our own. We were extremely tired and went to bed early but I am sure we both had a peaceful sleep that night becuase we could save Lucky.


8 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. If it had not been for Snigdha spotting her in time she would have been run over by a car and died. Indeed lucky that you were her angel at that time. Proud of you 🙂

  2. It’s so heart-warming to read a story like this and It’s so nice to know that there are people like you and Vinayak who will run that extra mile for an animal-in-need :). Hats off to you especially, Snigdha.. I don’t think there are many people who would go pick up a dog when it appears to be dead.

  3. Happy to read that there are people who still cares about those poor animals. This blog caught my attention as this happened right in the middle of a metro and that too @ rush hour!!! Kudos!!

  4. @Vandana:- Thanks Vandana. I feel we have lost our sensitivities as humans in all our selfishness.

    @Vijay:- Thanks for visiting my blog. Metro? You from Delhi?

  5. hats off! that was really nice of you to do. My pet dog( also a Spitz) died (age-related ill health) about a month ago and I know the pain of seeing an animal die. Kudos to the efforts you put in

  6. hats off! that was really nice of you to do. My pet dog( also a Spitz) died (age-related ill health) about a month ago and I know the pain of seeing an animal die. Kudos to the efforts you put in.

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