Hungry Kya to Kaati Zone ka Roll Kha




Imagine this:- You are extremely hungry and want a filling snack.


Imagine this:- You don’t have much cash but you have to take your girlfriend out on a date and treat her well.


Imagine this:- Your friends have all managed  to grab a treat from you which you need to throw but you are almost broke.


Imagine this:- You are running late for a meeting and your grumbling stomach needs a quick lunch


Whatta do…?


Seemble, call Kaati Zone or simply walk-in


Kaati Zone is responsible for making the kaati rolls famous in Bangalore. It is a Bangalore-based chain of Indian fast-food restaurants specializing in Kati Rolls. Founded by Kiran Nadkarni in 2004, the restaurant is famous for its Chicken Tikka and Mixed Veg Rolls.


The USP  of Kaati Zone is the packaging and the pricing. For a megre sum of 100 bucks you can have a delicious, filling roll. The resturants are hygenic and the rolls are wraped in a special spill free wrap. So all you need to do is, drive in to the nearest Kaati Zone in town, place your order and enjoy a drive back with a hot and tasty roll without having to bother about all that spill or simply call them for a home delivery.


Kaati Zone not only sells rolls, but you can get vada pao, omlette, paranthas and chaats too. They also have diet rolls for the health freaks with a variety of fillings to choose from.


For people who don’t know what a Kaati Roll is, here is some information.


Kaati Roll is a  fast food popular in Kolkata, India. In Kolkata, it was introduced by Nizam’s, a restaurant in the city noted for its Mughlai food inMumbai, it is similar to a frankie.


It is said that the kati roll was the result of some quick thinking on a busy day. Apparently, on that particular day, the number of people asking for kebab and parathas far outstripped the number of plates available, or the pace at which the plates could be washed and recycled. It was decided to wrap the kebab in parathas, and in the process, reduce the number of plates required by half.


So next time when your stomach says, “Hungry Kya?” The answer will be Kaati Zone se rolls khaya kya?


You can reach them at:- 080-4112-2100




3 thoughts on “Hungry Kya to Kaati Zone ka Roll Kha

  1. You’re right, Snigdha. The rolls are great and they’re always coming out with new stuff on the menu. btw, Kaati Zone has several restaurants including at Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Banashankari and the new Bengaluru International Airport.
    (You can search for “Kaati Zone Bangalore” in to find the locations on a map.)

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