Speak No More

It is so surprising to know that language was invented and had evolved for humans to communicate better and use language as a bridge to connect to more people. Today language is one of the biggest political lottery everyone is trying to win and it is being used simply to convey just one message, “Stay Away.”


“No Hindi” is a sign of love for your own culture and region. If you dare speak in Hindi you will be asked to go back. And by the way someone tell that old man to stop hoisting his pom pom every now and then.


As an Indian I will speak whatever language I want to and wherever I want to. I don’t know why did Jaya even apologize. All she said was, “People of Maharashtra, please excuse me. I am from Uttar Pradesh so I will speak in Hindi.” What is so wrong if someone wants to talk in Hindi or any other language? Why this dadagiri?


Now the old man will again wave his pom pom and demand all Hindi films should have Marathi subtitles and dubbing in Marathi. They should only have Marathi people working in Hindi films, speaking Marathi dialogues.


Now that Babri Masjid is not an agenda anymore so the old man wants some thing which will keep him in the headlines so that people don’t forget the old man and his sons don’t send him to an old age home.


I once heard “Every pack has a joker” but now the state we are in, I think one should say, “Every party has a moron”


Here is some more NEWS.



5 thoughts on “Speak No More

  1. Hi,

    As always your posts have been a delight to read. I am one of your avid readers and thoroughly enjoy your writing.

    Words fail me as I look for phrases to compliment you. Your writing makes a difference, that is all I can tell you.

    Thanks for your blog. 🙂

    Best Wishes

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