Finally we are immortal


I am every where. Like any other internet user, I am on Facebook, Orkut, Ibibo and similar other social networking sites. I am on Picassa and I am on Flickr. I have my IDs on Yahoo, Rediff, G-mail etc. I am also a member of many on-line groups and forums who would diligently keep sending me newsletters, half of which goes in to the spam folder. In short I am every where except for those matrimony sites. But what if one day I die?


When I die, my tangible, physical body will be taken away and cremated. My belongings donated or thrown away. But every thing intangible will remain there forever like memories and on-line presence is like one of those places where I will never be able to die. I think we have all been immortalised by the internet.


Google will still show search results with my name. My Orkut will have unwanted friendship requests and crappy scraps, my G-mail will still get newsletters of an upcoming holiday package for couples, the spam folder will keep getting messages on how to increase your penis size and rule the bed (arrghh!!)

People will still keep coming on this blog and perhaps leave comments and ask why have I stopped writing or don’t come on line? But no one except for friends and family would know that I am dead.


Which means that the internet has actually made us immortal and if not,  then for how long will my G-Mail and Orkut would keep getting messages after messages?

Kakan died and morons keep coming to her Orkut and ask silly questions like, “Long time no see” and this happens even after when we have left messages about her death so that people would not scarp her any more but looks like we have too many over enthusiastic people out there.


This post is not written in an attempt to glorify death, NO WAY. But I was just wondering what happens to our on-line presence when we are gone because there is no one who would know our pass words to delete all our accounts. I think like memories which fade away with time but never disappear, our on-line presence will also fade away with inactivity but will always be there.


What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Finally we are immortal

  1. You should make will of your Online properties. Make will and keep it in a safe deposit box in some bank. Make a code word to crack the lock. Then in that will write down all your passwords, username, secret questions if you yourself have forgotten the passwords.

    Then you can give special instruction about what is to be done to the online accounts / whether to delete them or to put up a notice that the owner is dead or whether to keep pretending that you are there and continue the online life.

    Give responsibilities to the person u want to handle all these.

  2. @Sanjukta

    good idea but abt ur line
    “Give responsibilities to the person u want to handle all these.”
    What if the person whom you have given all the responsibilities died along with you? (say any mishaps or anything….). I wish no such bullshit happen but just for a probability I am writing…

  3. Imagining a ghost blogger…blog keeps updating when someone is dead. Messages straight from heaven or hell.

    Something like Achmed the dead blogger and his views from hell would be very interesting – any ghost writers out there 😉

    Maybe some bloggers are actually ghosts who knows.

  4. @Vinayak:- ya like haunted lap tops, just like haunted houses. Sanju might turn into one 😛 as she is a blogging evangelist and will do a live (dead) twitter when she dies :-P. Guys I am dead, and it feels strange.

    Guys I am being put on fire now.

    Guys:- I am travelling to some place, may be hell.

    Guys:- God calling brb.

  5. Yep, thats immortalization alright. You might wish this thing had been around in the times of Ramayana etc., so those guys might’ve preserved their records, eh! 😉

    People will still keep coming on this blog and perhaps leave comments and ask why have I stopped writing or don’t come on line?

    First thing you should ask yourself, will you continue blogging till that time? 😉 😛

    Assuming you will continue, you can put a timelock on your blog Snigs. Write a post stating that you have died & won’t be posting on this blog from this point onwards. Then set that post to be published at a future date, say 1 month from now. Now every day you login, you can push the date of that post 1 month ahead from the current date(the date when you are editing). This way, when you die, you ofcourse won’t be logging in to your blog via the Hell’s WiFi Network (they have & other blogging sites blacklisted, infact they have everything blacklisted except some special kind of websites, as they are using whitelisting). So when 1 month (or whatever safe time limit you set) passes, the post will automatically appear on your blog & everyone will know you no longer have access to the earthly internet & hence wont be posting anymore! 😉

    God calling brb

    hehehe! 😀

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