Pleasant Surprise and an unplesant experience

I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to SBI bank to enquire about account opening. I’ve got a new maid and thought it would be a good idea to have her account opened in a bank where she can keep her salary. Since Sanju is already an account holder in SBI we decided to go there and enquire. We went to the St. Mark’s road SBI branch and met the Branch head who greeted us very courteously and also offered us coffee. We were given a form with all the information. This came as a surprise to both of us as customer service is not something that the public sector is known for.


Our pleasant surprise was doubled when we went to a BSNL office on St. Mark’s road and were greeted by the courteuos staff.


That’s when I decided that I need to blog about the improving attitude of our government agencies. I also wanted to talk about the SBI phone banking service which is by far the best out of all the Citi bank, ICICI bank customer service.

Talking of ICICI bank reminds me of a recent bad experience that I had. One fine day I received an unsolicited call from an ICICI bank tele marketing office offering me balance transfer service. I agreed and told her that my address has changed so the draft needs to delivered at the right address. The agent told me that she would get back to me as typically it would take 48 days for a new address to get a draft from ICICI. After few minutes a supervisor calls me to confirm that the draft will be delivered to my new address. After 10 days of not receiving anything from the bank I called up the phone banking only to hear that the draft was sent to my old address and must be with the courier company. So I called up the courier company who confirmed that the draft went undelivered and has been sent to Mumbai. I called up the ICICI phone banking again for the cancellation of the draft. Instead of cancelling it the guy told me that the draft has been resent and when it will be undelivered again then only they will cancel it. Furious I write an e-mail to the ICICI customer service for a cancellation. In the meantime now the draft reaches me in their 2nd attempt and I e-mail them again for a non-cancellation since the draft has finally reached me and guess what?  I get an e-mail back saying that they have already cancelled it. So when I needed a draft they send it to a wrong address when I ask them to cancel it they re-send it and when I receive it they cancel it. I have decided to deduct the cheque bounce charges charged by SBI from the ICICI due. Anyway… that was a long story…


Also would want to thank the police force for the thankless job that they do without which the cities would be in total anarchy. As it happened one day when signals were not working and there was no traffic cop to manage the traffic which led to a jam of 2 and a half hours. Just imagine a day when the police goes on a strike.


Back to work now.


2 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise and an unplesant experience

  1. The ICICI story reminds me of a Priyadarshan film, total confusion all around, everybody running after each other or in various direction doing various things without proper communication..

    And yes the police do a thanks less job. Imagine, doctors go on strike, railways do, banks do but what if police goes on strike… seriously…

  2. SBI huh? Well, maybe in your city they are good but here things are just like those old days. Couple of years back a friend went to open an account in SBI & they said why does he needs to open it in SBI & asked him all sorts of stupid questions, which are even not asked at a Police Station or by banks when someone is asking for a Loan!!

    Now SBI tele-marketers just don’t stop from pushing out petty loans. Every now & then an idiot would call me up & offer me a 0% loan of Rs.7000 payable in 6months. I tell him I don’t need it, & tell him to keep his 7k with him but he would forcibly argue – “why the heck not, why not take it, its at 0% interest” & then I’ve to ask him – “will your dad pay that processing fee of Rs.700 on it??” & then the guy shuts up & I hang up!!

    Same story with ICICI suckers, had to threaten them with a police complaint of harassment & then they stopped calling about insurances!!

    And when I dial the MTNL support, these two things usually happens:

    1) The exec on other line hangs up the phone after saying “hello hello”.
    2) The exec is unaware of what I ask & hangs up before I can re-phrase my question or ask another one!

    When someone does come online to answer, most of the times they have an arrogant tone which clearly radiates the meaning – “I don’t give a damn to you sucker”. Once an exec was not talking properly & I asked his name & number so I can report him & he promptly gave them to me & told me to do whatever I can he gives no shit!

    Thats the state of PSU companies & their support. Theirs are totally Ram Bharose services, till they don’t break they work fine & when something goes wrong don’t expect prompt service!

    Guess I’ll rant about it in detail on my blog! 😉

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