In Transit

We are a confused lot. Still in transit from the days of independence till post modern, neo-liberal, globalised, rising economy.  In the cacophony of so many things happening at the same time, we don’t know nor can we make up our minds for what do we want.


We look for authentic Chinese and then pour bottles of soy sauce to make it apt for our palette. We love to be sexually liberated but still keep fighting for “bharatiya sanskriti” and convince people not to kiss in public though fighting in public and showing violence is acceptable.  On asking they would probably say, “Kamasutra  was a written by someone else but not Indians. Ismein padosi mulk ka haath hai.”


You will see Valentine goodies everywhere which means it is legal to buy those but you also get thrashed by the police for holding hands in public on Valentines day and cases go unreported. After all that one tight slap must have made you all the more confused.


We have ultra chic hot babe who was the catch of the University for the minis she wore, suddenly after marriage becomes a woman shrouded in mystery for now, she is covered head to toe in a 9 yard sari, running after kids, screaming in English, “Baby come here, eat your cereal.”


House wives who were a complete “behenji” at one point of time, suddenly become this mall hopping, brand ambassadors of Mc. Donald’s after their rich techie husbands buy them houses in Gurgaon.


We are a confused lot because we truly believe in modern, independent working women and how sad these Balaji Tele serials are but in the evening the husband still expects the wife to cook Roti Daal, and the wife still wants the man to be the bread winner of the family. The day ends the way it has been ending for years; a dinner in front of TV with Balaji serials running.


Our government also is confused. For many years they objected to industrialization which they now want and then we have industries too which are later made to shut down because there is another party protesting against it, “Why industry? Our farmers are happy tilling the land and growing bananas out of it.”


We covert because there is caste based discrimination in one religion and later we come back saying we need the freebies because we are dalit Muslims and dalit Christians.


We crib because the administration sucks, the government is going all capitalist but seldom take an active role to bring any change. We hate America and capitalism yet we welcomed Bill Clinton, the tourist, as if he was God. Then we say, “Atithi Devo Bhava” and then we go rape and kill a Scarlett Keeling. We also have the audacity to say, “Uski maa kharab thi. Akhir maa baap hi to sanskar dete hai apne bachho ko” then we go about covering Dr.Talwar’s entire story hell bent upon proving him guilty of his daughter’s murder.


We all want to be famous and we have reality shows and once we are famous we want holiday homes in isolated islands to look for peace destroying the ecology of the island while we build our vacation home. Then we complain about global warming and blame others and also complain about the water shortage that poor people are facing while we keep the tap running as we talk on the phone.


We think and re-think and keep thinking about why Mrs. Sharma’s daughter had a divorce, after all hers was a love marriage and then we scream at our daughter-in-laws and expect her to show some “bharatiya sanskriti” by washing clothes for us and cooking 7 course meal.


We shun porn but would love to touch those breasts of that young girl in a crowded bus.


We take pride in our rich culture yet don’t blink when we misbehave with women in pubs and flights. We want dancing to be banned because that  incites hooliganism but drinking is allowed till middle of the night.


We condemn the Iraq war and Saddam was a friend and then we say, “People of India loves Bush.”


We say, “Tata please come to our land if they don’t want you.” Then we say,  “North Indians Go Back.”


The English came and saw that we fight a lot and cashed on the opportunity , later we became one and dragged them out but we have not stopped fighting since then.


We are a confused lot, still in transit.


5 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. Sometimes I’m glad, since we are trying to embrace new customs & evolutions but yet don’t want to let go of the old traditions & customs. But this madness like beating up couples on Valentines & other days etc. is definitely not Indian. This prohibition came only after the 10th century when Islam became a dominant force with Muslim rulers & hence the parda tradition came.

    But then you have to be proud of our Indian spirit, we are like a sponge which has absorbed so many things over the ages & yet have kept our individuality. No other culture can boast of that! 🙂

    And yes, I’m proud to be an Indian! 🙂

  2. @Amit:- I am also a proud Indian. Its the hypocracy and the rudeness that we have is what I dont like. I think Indians have become a rude and insensitive lot forgetting what being “Indian” stands for.

  3. @Snigs:
    Like I said, we’ve always been a sponge, and its not always the good aspects of others that we absorb! 🙂 People usually aren’t rude – I’m not saying they are not but not always & not usually, atleast thats what I’ve observed so far. Your experience might ofcourse have been different, so really can’t comment on that but tell things only from what I’ve seen. 🙂

    And as for hypocrisy, its human nature to be a hypocrite, its nothing to do with being an Indian or not. You live amongst Indians & observe them, so you can see that they are hypocrite but so are everyone else be it Brits or Yanks or anyone else. Hypocrisy has to do with human nature & mentality. I think its because of the human selfishness that wants to see only those things which benefit itself. Hence it has nothing to do with any culture in particular. 🙂

  4. We are a country (I didn’t say nation) of 1 billion people. You cannot expect us to be a homogeneous lot. Never. Not as long as we are a democracy. There’s a price we pay. And as long as we’re so diverse in our values and our mentalities, we’re going to look like hypocrites.

    Here’s a thought: Most of our complaints about India arise because we compare ourselves with other countries. I say we should compare ourselves with small continents or other sub-continents (unfortunately, there aren’t any other sub-continents).

    Compare us with Europe. It’s a little larger than us in land area, a little smaller than us in population, a little less diverse than us in languages and about as diverse as us in religion and cuisines (language, religion, food etc being culture). It’s a better benchmark for comparison with India than any country within it. We just don’t think of Europe as Europe – one integral whole. We think of it as a collection of countries.

    And my point is this: If Europe had been one country since WW II, this post would have been written by a European complaining about her country.

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