Tripped over Lighttripper and Fell Head over Heels.


People talk about soul mates. I also talked about soul mates once and concluded there is nothing like “Soulmates”. I also concluded, husbands are nothing but pain in your rear just like piles. I and Sanju even declared that all men are assholes, your only solace is that the good ones don’t give you constipation.  But they all turned out to be utter non sense when I met my soul mate at the oddest of places.

My life has been very filmy. As I very frequently say, “life is like an Ekta Kapoor serial with all its twists and turns.” My life also has been like one of those stories where every dead end had more twists than turns.

The entire event behind coming to Bangalore is so filmy along with the “event” itself. We met at Barcamp and after that never stopped meeting. 15 days of eating out followed by falling in love, next 15 days culminated into a secret wedding in the Himalayas and within 90 days we officially became husband and wife in a private and cosy (official) wedding ceremony where our friends played the DJ and photographers. 

The bar campers know us as “The Bar Camp” couple and Vinayak even flaunted a tag “I met my wife in Bar Camp collective” through out the 1st day of Bar Camp 5 at IIM Bangalore. 🙂


I really dont know the definition of a soul mate but I feel he is that one person with whom I would want to share my entire life and still would want more.  A man who is a friend more than anything else.

His is funny, sometimes extremely funny with most captivating smile with a chuckle of a child. We both love to eat, travel, talk, laze, read, explore, know. We both love animals, energy, sunshine, moonlight, romance, colours, art, films, family, home, sea, breeze, storm, thunder, mountains, trees, trails, woods and dreams.

We both love historical ruins, abandoned buildings, ghost stories, old cottage and picket fences, french windows and fire place and we both hate loud people and being taken for a ride.


I love playing pranks and he hates me for it though succumbs to my insistence most of the time.  The great experimantal cook of my kitchen, a fantastic “chai” maker. He is one of the few people who loves Britania Cream crackers and high fibre biscuits. He is so much like my dad, he even smells like my dad.

His love for quizzing got him into an active quzzing circuit. College life pocket money was earned by  RJ’ing for Times FM’s Campus Beat. Later wrote articles for Economic times, Telegraph and Statesman. Now an engineer and a photographer. Son of a very caring mother and an economist father. A loving husband, a crazy lover, a funny friend and a caring parent to our two labradors, may I present to you, the love of my life Vinayak Das, up, close and personal.


6 thoughts on “Tripped over Lighttripper and Fell Head over Heels.

  1. “life is like an Ekta Kapoor serial with all its twists and turns.”

    Does your life also have the tripple slow motions like the serials with the grand music, dhanandda dhandaaa, each time your head turns a 180 degree and at an acute angle of 45 degrees..

  2. It is so lovely to read these blogs now… 🙂
    I made that tag for him and pinned it on his shirt. You couldn’t come to that Barcamp, can’t remember why. Were you carrying Mishka that time?

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