Ban The Smoke Doctor

Something really good happened this 2nd October.  Yes it was Id, Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shashtri’s birthday but there was another significant incident that finally assured the non smokers a smoke free environment.


Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss’s anti smoking notification with a green signal from the Apex court  came as a breath of fresh air in a country choking with cigarette smoke.


This declaration banned any kind of smoking in a public place including private buildings.


Unfortunately this has still not been able to have its effect. I work in Prestige Sterling Square, Madras Bank Road, Bangalore, and whenever I go to the Terrace I see men in groups from Toyota Kirloskar spewing out smoke. For evidence sake, I tried to take their picture also from my cell phone but could not as I was too far to get a clear picture on a 1.3 mega pixel phone.  Then I thought let me search the website and find an e-mail ID where I can send an e-mail to the Toyota Kirloskar HR informing them about it. But could not get any contact information besides a few phone numbers. That’s when I thought let me write about this in my blog.


I am quite sure that the people smoking there are from Toyota Kirloskar for 2 reasons. 1st Toyota Kirloskar has their cafeteria and training room on the terrace so it would not make sense for other people to go there and 2nd, people carry Toyota Kirloskar’s ID.


I am writing about this here in the hope that people from Toyota Kirsolkar would read it and mend their ways and follow the law. Also, to request the facility managers of Prestige Sterling Square to ensure that the building becomes a smoke free area.


This is also to request other people who can site examples of this law being successfully or unsuccessfully implemented.


Here are some news links on the Cigarette Ban across India.


Indian Express

The Hindu


7 thoughts on “Ban The Smoke Doctor

  1. All these while she was trying to get the Toyota people arrested / fined for smoking…and i was looking at her so angry and was getting scared to touch my cig ever again. I shud rather save my ass….

  2. Ever since this rule has been enforced, I have seen more people smoking in public places. Specially,@ traffic signals. Whats happening here is,people started smoking on their drive,or ride just to avoid ‘public place’ tag. But when they stop @ signals, they just cant flip the butt. So you tend to see quite a many people smoking. I have seen people who are smoking sitting inside Auto rickshaw,Cars.

    Only common sense can stop this nuisance.Not the rules or law.

  3. Smoking in public places have been illegal in Delhi for years now but is there a change? You know the answer. A law is only as good as its implementation, otherwise its just wastage of paper & ink & taxpayers’ money! And who would you think enforce the law when lawmakers & enforcers themselves think of themselves above the law? Jaroorat hai desh ko jaagne ki, Jaago rey! 🙂

  4. People who want to smoke can smoke at home. And that’s what’s bothering me now. My neighbor returns home, goes to his balcony and smokes away and the smoke wafts into my house from the kitchen window! Amazing ain’t it?! Earlier, I wasn’t exposed to passive smoke except when I didn’t mind it.
    Now its just plain annoying. It’s not that I’m bothered by the smoke – I’m used to getting smoke from the kitchen (both figuratively and from burned food 😉 )!
    My problem is why now? why when I’m trying to quit 😉 I tell you passive smoke is soo annoying!

    btw, although I always believed that a law that cannot be enforced has no place in the law-books, this law is at least better than banning cigarettes on TV and in films! Ramadoss should chose his battles wisely.

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