26-Nov-08-Mumbai-India-21:40 IST and on…

I am deeply saddened by the state of things which Mumbai is going through rather my country is going through.

While we slept on our cozy beds, more than 100 people died, about 350 injured and so many are still held hostage.

The commandoes and paramilitary forces are fighting non stop for 36 hours now to save all that is there and counter the terrorists and to add to their burden, PM, Sonia Gandhi, Advani and Narendra Modi who can not move around without a Z security, have planned a visit to the city. What are they trying to prove I simply fail to understand but one thing that we all know is that they are going to add to the pressure of the local police who are already burdened and now they will have  to make sure that the asses of these politicians are safe while they visit Mumbai.

Another person who is missing from the scene is Mr. Raj Thackery. I wonder where are his troops this time when HIS Mumbai is burning and the Marathi manoos needs to be saved. I wonder if the Mumbai police and the commandoes, many of whom are from the north are selectively saving the Marathas and letting the north Indian hostages perish.

Thank fully Shiv Sena did not call for a Mumbai Bandh  against ATS in support of a suspected terrorist Madam Pragya  because it would have back fired at time of up coming elections. In fact they should now never call for a bandh against ATS after what ATS has done to counter terrorism but only if they have some prudence left inside their thick brains and hollow skulls.

Reports says that the terrorists must have come via sea route in a boat and then dispersed in smaller groups to carry out the attacks. The boat has come from the Pakistani waters. Is it an intelligence failure? May be it is as we failed to learn our lessons from the recent Marriot Hotel case in Pakistan and a similar modes operandi at the time of Akshardham Carnage or the Parliament Attack.

This time I don’t want to see the spirit of Mumbai where people fail to retaliate and limp back to their daily lives which is limited to earning 2 square meals a day. This time I want everyone to take this head on and not glorify the spirit of Mumbai because we don’t need spirit no more what we need is aggressive methodologies to deal with such crisis.

I say NO to getting used to “Terrorism”  like we have got used to our political system, the poverty, the illiteracy, the regionalism, the communalism, the language debates, the deaths and the population explosion.


5 thoughts on “26-Nov-08-Mumbai-India-21:40 IST and on…

  1. This can get scarier – imagine if it takes only 25 terrorists to hold a city at ransom, similar simultaneous attacks could have taken place all over the country. Worst, analysts say that this could be a red herring attack – that is a cover or diversion for something major like a preamble to a biological warfare, or may be more infiltration from across the borders, or even worst still just a recee of something bigger! Even in this state of affairs there are factions that are seeking political angles by saying ki Congress ke liye vote mat karo! or playing the blame game by blaming it on neighbouring states! The entire system and its people need a major shake-up and most importantly the media needs to behave more responsibly. Apparently, there attempts to get us Breaking News has led to some imformation leaks also. In India words like curfew, cordoning off, combing – all are a fallacy!

  2. Another person who is missing from the scene is Mr. Raj Thackery. I wonder where are his troops this time when HIS Mumbai is burning and the Marathi manoos needs to be saved.

    Well said Snigs. I also wonder if Mr. Raj Thackeray is paying heed that its not the Marathi Manoos which has come to save the day but its the Indian troops (truly Indian at heart) who came & are handling the situation!! Its only because of lack of any action on Deshmukh administration’s part that that mahaan aatma is still out & free!!

    Even in this state of affairs there are factions that are seeking political angles by saying ki Congress ke liye vote mat karo!

    Yeah just like Congress was airing ads continuously on TV till 26th saying how much progress their rule has brought to India ie., if things like successive bombings in major cities (& failure in getting even a scent of terrorists) or the start of downfall of economy (much before the recession hit global mkts) can be ignored as one off rare instances!! Ironic, eh, as all those things now looking like small fries in comparison to this issue! 😉 😀

  3. @Ansi:- Very good points raised. In fact I also feel that the media should draw a line somewhere. Reporters from Headlines today were literally pouncing on people who were released from the hostage situation, They could not even catch their breath or come to their senses and were sorrounded by an army of reporters asking silly questions, “How do you feel?”

    @Amit:- I dont know what can we do as common citizens. The state of politics in India is strange. One things that I just heard is that the Indian PM has asked Pakistani PM to send their ISI cheif to co-ordinate in the investigation. I hope this acts as an eyeopener for many espceially Pakistan if they are really involved in all this.

  4. Really Snigs, I’ve very strong doubts that the ISI Director General will come to India & the Pak govt. won’t give any other excuse at the last moment for his inability to come. And if he does come then also I’ve very strong doubts that he’ll be of much help!! Isn’t it the ISI which is one of the feeding hands of all these road side terror shops? If yes then expecting him to genuinely cooperate is just blasphemy!!

  5. How much more does Pakistan want in terms of evidence? The man from Pakistan has accepted, media has traced out his parents in Pakistan, the satellite phones have been found. What else is required? A layman can decisions based on this, i guess.

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