Sometimes in life strange things happen and you can not actually do anything about it. There are times when everything appears to be normal and then suddenly you realize that things are not the same anymore as they used to be.  You feel confused and interrogate yourself and try to pacify yourself by saying that you are simply being paranoid and your fears are baseless. You blame it on your emotional hyperactivity because as a woman your hormones take a toll on you most of your time and life. You justify your acts and dismiss your feelings as baseless fears. But then you keep meeting with those events in life which re-establishes your fear.


I am at a stage right now where something does not feel right. I have this very bad and strong vibe about something going terribly wrong and all I can do is wish that my fears are baseless.


Is it normal at this point in time, I don’t know but who ever knows about it also is of the opinion that things don’t look so normal as they should have been.


You feel hurt the most when the person closest to you hurt you and you can’t do anything about it. You sulk, you brood and try to re-think why did this happen. No amount of apology works then. You decide to keep a check so that you are relived but then you realize that all roads are blocked and there’s no way you can keep a check but to trust when your trust is shaken.




4 thoughts on “J.L.T.

  1. SINDGHA, you are the LOVELIEST person! I dont really “know yoU”, because Ive never met you BUT BUT BUT ive been reading your blog, seeing your pictures and Vinayak photos anmd comments and BE SURE: YOU ARE two souls one for the other..DONT LET Shadows , stupid shadows come to your mind:
    KEEP being the FANTASTIC woman, clever active, independent, sure of herfelf and so in love who got the love of that man.
    AND more than everything: keep being YOURSELF!!ALWAYS BE SURE of yourself you inner and your acts.
    Happiness come from the inner,,,and it will flourish around if you keep thinking IN POSITIVE!!!!!!
    There are many many people who admirate you!: there ´s at least one friend kms aways trough this blog!!!
    Keep loving, keep the way to hapiness !!!!!!!!!!!!YOU DESERVE IT!!!!
    Kisses ,laura

  2. Hey Snigs,

    Life cannot be what it is if u don’t have something to keep reminding u that u r alive.. it might be excess happiness or sadness.

    I can compare this with the waves we saw in Pondi.. one big wave and another..

    Hope the waves are ur fun-filled and happy moments but always remember, it was a wave which caused the tsunami.. and every wave had a lull between them!

    Take care dearest Lola of Vince. All’z gonna be well that will end well.. and “if it is not a happies endings, it is not the endings yet”! 😛

  3. Shit happens and will happen…
    Do not let fears push you down and out
    but who am I to tell you? Cos even I fear something terribly bad might happen…. and it does then…

    But you cannot live a life with a belief in the worst can you?
    Take flight~

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