Life’s Forgotten Lessons

What happened this morning was very trivial but it made me think something very important that I was taught as a child and probably had forgotten.


In the morning rush hour when I was frantically getting ready, my 2 dogs in their usual style were continuously fiddling with my things. Pondi was busy chewing my quilt and Alleppey was busy sniffing around the side table where I keep my phone, books and bottles. With her continuous inquisitive investigation of the table I knew she was soon going to drop something from the table and “thud!” goes my expensive phone. Luckily nothing happened to my phone but in that sudden impulse I called her a “stupid dog”. Hurt, she left the room but in that moment I realized that for her the expensive phone is just another plastic toy.


No matter how many thousands of rupees we must have spent on our furniture, music systems, other valuables, at the end of the day they hold no value to them. They are just there for them to sit and chew and break. What really matters to them is “us”. They adore us, we are their mom and dad. Every evening they wait for us to come home to play with them, every night they need to be wished goodnight with a kiss on their wet noses else they would keep whining the whole night. Every morning they need to come rushing to our bed to give us our 1st morning lick and these are the things which hold utmost importance in their lives.


As a child I also learnt the value of family, friends and love and how to cherish them. But as I grew up and got busy with my job and pay cheque, inflation and grocery bills somehow my expensive cell phone took priority over my life rather than the phone calls from loved ones for which I have the phone in the 1st place. I say this because I sometimes don’t even bother to answer my phone when I don’t feel like talking but if I leave my phone at home by mistake I would probably go all the way back to my home to pick it up. As if I were really bothered about the missed calls. I mean who am I fooling.


As a soon to be mother I need to remember the value of human emotions because that is what I would want my child to remember too. These little nuances of life like what happened today morning teach you so many forgotten things. Like our dogs teach us everyday how important we are to them than any other thing in the living room.


6 thoughts on “Life’s Forgotten Lessons

  1. Wow… such a great poignant post. One of the greatest realization came through something so simple, this is why every human should have pets… they really show you the true meaning of unconditional love…

  2. Very sweet and moving post. Yes the dogs do teach you a lot. A dog does no care if you are rich or poor, give him your heart and he will give you his – very true for our two ‘namunas’.

  3. Very well conveyed message! 🙂

    As a soon to be mother I need to remember the value of human emotions because that is what I would want my child to remember too.

    Indeed you need to remember that & teach that. And congrats are in order I guess, so congratulations! 🙂

  4. Beginning to feel those maternal instincts, are you?

    This post reminded me of a little nugget of advice I had heard about parenting: Your kids are going to want you to buy them a lot of toys. Be stingy with your money but spoil them with your love. A little similar (not entirely, though) to what you’re saying – value the relationships.

    Very nice posts. Don’t stop.

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