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Pingu G.K.

pinguThings that I did not know about Pingu. {Source:- Wikipedia}


Pingu is the main character of the series. He commonly uses the “megaphone-like beak” gesture and “NUG, NUG!” sound to indicate anger, happiness, frustration or to get attention.

 Pingu can also chanmself into many shapes at will, such as a ball. Pingu is also very accident-prone, much to his parents annoyance.

Pinga(called ramblanc in the early version of the lost baby) is Pingu’s little sister. She first appeared in the episode Pinga is Born. In all of the series 1 and early 2 episodes she appears to be about 18 months old. In the further episodes she is 3. Although she is seen attending kindergarten in one episode, Pingu gets jealous when she has to stay home while he has to go to school.


Mother and Father. Pingu’s father is a postman, who smokes a pipe. He has a motorised sledge to deliver the mail. Pingu’s mother spends most of her time at home in the igloo. Mother and Father share a lot of the work in the home (e.g. knitting, cooking and ironing). Mother sometimes gets help from Pingu & Pinga, but in the episode Pingu Refuses to Help, the kids decide not to help her. They helped her again in Pingu’s Pancakes, the worst thing he did to her was tease her in Noise.


 Grandpa is Pingu’s grandfather. He’s an expert accordionist, and a former weight lifter from the 1930s.


Robby(called Seymour the baby seal in the audiobooks) the seal is Pingu’s best friend. His name is a pun; ‘Robbe’ is German for ‘Seal’. He first appeared in in the episode Pingu Goes Fishing.


Pingi is Pingu’s girlfriend. She first appeared in in the episode Pingu’s Admirer.


Pingo is a friend of Pingu. He has a long beak, essentially flat at the bottom but slightly rounded on the top, which is slightly shorter than that of Pingg, also his head is wider and taller. He usually tries to get Pingu to do wild and silly things.


Pingg is a friend of Pingu. He is shorter than Pingo, his head is also shorter and his beak is slightly longer and more pointed than that of Pingo.


Pongi is a friend of Pingu. He wears glasses.


Punki is another of Pingu’s friends. He has tufts on the top of his head and wears striped trousers.


Bajoo is also one of Pingu’s friends. He is revealed by hit entertainment as a ‘strange newcomer to the antartic in the appearance of an abominable snowman!’ He is actually an abominable snowman who recently appeared on the Pingu episode Pingu and the Abominable Snowman. He also appeared in the music video and in the pingu show(this is a broadcasting device and not an episode by itself).