Because you are not worth it.

Poor people are not worth a beautiful skin or a beautiful body that is why all these beauty products are priced at a premium rate so that only a particular section of the society remains worth it. How else would Mrs. Lal look younger than her maid Lalli? After all not everyone can afford a cream worth Rs.650/- or a monthly facial worth Rs.1500/-

But the scene is not that bad as you might think. The unorganized sector of domestic maids is also seeing the economic boom, at least in metros. That is why, my maid could go to a neighborhood  parlor to get threading done, she could ask the tailor for the making charges of a dress which she saw in Vogue, she could be picky about the Almond drops and Fructis shampoo and the Ponds cream.  Am I jealous? Well a little bit. After all who would feel happy to be clubbed with her maid and being seen at the same parlor sitting next to each other? Snobbish? Yes it is and that is why I believe, Socialism, Marxism are  failed theories because there would always be class divide and we shall ensure that the divide remains. How else would we feel special and a little “hat ke” ?  So what if my maid has dinner with me on the same table and eats the same food, so what if we watch TV together and sometimes I would cook continental for her which she would hate, so what if she once in a while sips port wine with us? I still cannot be seen at the same parlor with her. It’s a social crime.

The maids are trying hard to dress like their madams, in Capri and makeup. They try hard to ape us like we ape the phirangs but can they win? May be not today but after few generations later, they will. As long as we have enough open land where they can go to poo, till that time we will remain their Madams. The day they get a western commode in their homes we will lose whatever little luxury we have. Therefore it is very important for us to buy even bigger and pompous real estate, huge cars and expensive holidays. And then, when they become like us, we would show them our austerity drive, our fight for a social cause and our Botox and our B job.

You see the race will never end, someone will always try to catch up with us and thus it is more important for us to run even faster. The faster we run, the difficult it is for anyone to catch up and be like us. So we have to keep the prices high. Till then they can stick to shampoo sachets and we will stick to our hair extensions.


7 thoughts on “Because you are not worth it.

  1. True…. very true… n yet very sad…
    Human has always been a social animal, and if the social divide is not their there is nothing that entices human in a society, social divide is the fuel for the society to keep moving…

  2. What a brilliant way to put socialism at rest. I had the exact same thoughts when you first told me about her beautification missions. This is the way all societies work, this is the way culture changes.

    From her village to Delhi to Bangalore, for her it has been a long journey, she can now turn around and say hey I have traveled a lot. Back in her village she is a ‘madam’ now. She looks at you, me and wants to like us, one of us. The clothes and make up we wear, the hairstyle, the body massage and facial everything. She will not be able to afford the same brand but thanks to globalisation and consumerism, everything now have cheaper versions, there are chinese products or export quality clothes and all that.

    We will not like her trying becoming one of us, interestingly she knows that too and that’s exactly why she wouldn’t want to work for you anymore.

    Because now she wants to work for someone who is richer than you, so now she’d want to be in a farm house in gurgaon and ya the race will go on…

  3. Not to forget, at one point she will not want to work for anybody at all, just like we constantly thrive to quit and be a consultant, she will too… in some very different way, but she will one day find out a way to not work.

  4. @sanjukta and Kosha, yes very well put.

    @Sanjukta:- ya she will open a maid consultancy office or will find a rich boy who will marry her.

    @2s I hv always felt u are an idiot and your tweets are a certificate of your stupidity.

  5. Ummm.. don’t quite agree; may be we need to lok at the future through the societies which has already gone through this cycle? Have you ever thought how difficult it is to get a maid or a “Butler / Nanny” in the first world countries? Its the cost vs. benefit that will keep on getting skewed to the rising cost and lesser benefits. So at one point of time they will become nonviable, or at the most in a society like ours where there’s an abundance of manpower will be replaced by even poorer class. Still they WILL end at one point, and become “liberated”. Its not that we will stop being snobbish, its just that we will find a new class or a new topic to feel “hat ke” !

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