Swamiji’s Orgasm

I don’t understand what is the big deal if the swamiji had been having sex? What was the need to catch him redhanded behind closed doors with another consenting adult female?  I mean, he is a human too, with mortal need for pleasure. Though I don’t know if he ever said that he was a celibate. The only objection I have in the whole story is, if swamiji was just an ordinary man like all of us then there was no need for him to pretend to be holier than thou.  He could have found a simple job and could have had peaceful orgasms, one after the other.  But maybe he wanted all the sandalwood, all the donations and an orange robe to bed pretty actresses.

Here’s the TOI Video


7 thoughts on “Swamiji’s Orgasm

  1. Well the big deal about this is that janta expects such spiritual leaders to be holier than themselves, to be embodiment of all that is good (sex still considered just a means for reproduction?!). In other words, according to janta, these spiritual leaders should grow horns to even look different than the common man, a tail would also go a long way ensuring that.

    And the media, ah well, you know, whatever sells….. 😀

  2. I have never heard of this swami, so don’t know if he claimed to be celibate himself, but the problem is that common man automatically presumes that if you are calling yourself a saadhu you must be celibate. Sex is a complete no no for any thing holy.

    I agree with Mumbai Paused, everybody is talking about his sex scandal, what about the sandal woods… so what is worse, corruption or libido?

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