To Pop or not to Pop


Morning-after pills should be back on air. And not just private companies but even the Union health ministry should advertise them.

This is the view of a four-member expert committee set up by the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) recently to assess the pros and cons of allowing advertising of emergency pills.


I welcome this idea because it will only empower women. Instead of waiting for their male partners to be considerate enough to get a rubber, now women can take a decision on emergency contraception.  The use and side effects of it though, should be clearly stated in the advertisement to prevent its misuse. I also have a feeling that many men would insist women on having the drug rather than them using a condom. Therefore it will be again on the woman to say NO in case she does not want to pop a pill.

What was more interesting than the NEWS was the comments section where people have expressed their concern that advertising emergency contraception for women will be bad for our culture and this will encourage pre-marital sex thereby earning bad name for the respective families. I feel like asking these ignorant concerned people, “Which age and time do they live in?” Pre marital sex is a reality as much as adultery and these pills will only help lessen the number of wanted pregnancies and reduce the abortion related deaths which is far more serious than “earning a bad name for the family”

I also feel that I&B ministry should seriously start censoring and banning TV serials which are regressive in nature.  These TV serials which are mostly watched by people who can relate to these ideas, do nothing but reconfirm their already regressive opinion on how a woman should behave and be treated.

I have ample examples to quote; Do Hanso Ka Joda, where the mother in law is continuously harassing her young, docile daughter in law, in Palko ki Chaon mein, the heroine is always crying and is blamed for everything bad, in Pratigya, the girl is being sexually harassed by a man but the family is simply helpless to be able to do anything. In all these serials the women and her family is a victim waiting for some knight in shining armor or some miracle or may be after some 100 more episodes the director will decide to show how the woman of the serial has been able to win the heart of her mother in law with her enduring patience and love there by reconfirming the idea that “aurat to sahanshilta ki moorat hai.”There is this promo going on about how a childless woman cannot do “god bharai” as if the only job sanctioned to woman is to bear children. The list is endless.

Similarly, the regressive advertisement of fairness creams which shows that a person’s success depends on skin colour is extremely racial in nature thus these should be pulled off air.

In fact, all these “sanskar ke rakhwale” should form another “sena” to fight against these serials which show women in bad light rather than worry about emergency contraceptive pill and leave that decision on the women to pop or not to pop.


3 thoughts on “To Pop or not to Pop

  1. The solution is not to ban it , educate on how it has to be used and the dangers of misuse. There are people who feel condom ads will also promote premarital sex and our society would collapse. Its high time we stop paying heed to these wierdos.

  2. We Indians seem to want to copy only the bad things from the West, – mind numbing soap operas, screaming & opinionated news anchors and and none of the good things!

  3. After reading that news piece, the reasons for which the ads were banned seem like legit because if I recall the i-pill ads did give away the impression that these pills can be used on a regular basis, ie., just shag away to glory unprotected & then pop the pill next morning! But the ads shouldn’t be banned, they just need to be screened in such cases so that the pharmaceutical companies don’t misrepresent the facts for their own gain. I doubt many women even knew about such pills before the ads started airing, so awareness about such things, their usage and pros & cons of using them will definitely help people.

    But I don’t agree with interfering with the soaps etc., it will become messy if government starts muscling in more than the current norms. You can’t spoon feed people all the good things, people need to use their own brain & understand that the stories in soaps etc. are just for amusement, entertainment, watch it & then forget it.

    As for pre-marital sex, adultery, etc., well, they’re a reality but in our society the former is still a taboo & the latter is illegal by law & the law in that case is biased against men because it happens to have been unchanged for about last 150 years!! I wrote about it sometime back, have a look here.

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