3 thoughts on “AXIS Bank-Review

  1. Yeah.. Axis Bank Sucks.. I am at the first stage.. Have got the cheque book as part of their Welcome Kit after 2 weeks of my account getting opened.. If this is welcome , then it shows how incomplete and insincere they are in welcoming new users. I am going to close the account as soon I get my other current account up and running. Totally unprofessional in handling customer complaints. Call Center is worst for any bank I have dealt with. Even SBI has a better service than these pathetic loosers. If you got to open a current account, please evaluate any other bank first for your own peace of mind.

  2. Their website sucks for big time, every single time i login to the site its asking for the Secure login. It will send BLAH BLAH number to MOBILE. WHY the heck i have to enter that 4 stupid numbers every time I login to the site. It irritates to the core. Understand that you are doing for SECURITY not many sites do that Often which you are doing.

    I faced a worst service with AXIS bank. I own an account in Selaiyur CHENNAI Branch, Once I had deposited some amount into my account. And one fine morning they had called my mobile and My mom picked and they requested me not to take the amount which I had recently atlease for 2 or 3 days. Because it was the end of the year for them and wanted to show some pretty good bank balance. What the heck is that…..

  3. Oooouch! And I thought HDFC was truly horrible. Came to this review because I’m bank shopping after a nightmare encounter with Bangalore HDFC. Am now starting to wonder how much of the problem is the company and how much is just bad Bangalore work ethic! This is by far one of the laziest and most incompetent cities I’ve ever seen.

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