Dental & Orthodontist Clinic, Kammanahalli Main Road, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore-Review

I recently had to get a root canal treatment done and was trying to avoid the procedure fearing all the horror stories people had told me before about root canal treatment. However, I could not escape going to the dentist as I generally get a scaling done every 6 months & this one was due for over a year now. Also, I started seeing a tiny lump on my gum where I had done a filling 2 years ago. I was on the lookout for a decent dentist who would not charge me a bomb. My niece suggested that I go to Dr. Ganesh Shetty’s clinic at Kammanahalli as he is their family dentist.

As Dr. Ganesh Shetty’s clinic was very close to home I fixed an appointment to get a scaling done and thought I will get root canal done by him only if I feel that he is a good doctor. Now my definition of a good doctor is one who I can share my silly fears with, can ask any question related to my ailment, someone who can empathise with me and make me comfortable, win my trust and most importantly help me deal with my fear and Dr. Ganesh Shetty could do all of this proving to be an excellent dentist.

My root canal was painless, absolutely painless.  I was not charged a bomb.  The entire process cost Rs.5000 including a porcelain crown. Whenever I had any problems I could call on his cell and he would pick up his phone. The staff at his clinic is also very courteous and helpful. The only problem is that his clinic is always crowded. I think that is a proof enough of him being a very popular and a good dentist.

Highly recommended.


32 thoughts on “Dental & Orthodontist Clinic, Kammanahalli Main Road, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore-Review

  1. im a person who is really scared of dental treatments.
    coz of which i was avoiding a tooth ache i had for almost a month.

    my dad had been treated by Dr.Ganesh shetty n he recomended i go to him.
    I went to his clinic was greeted by d amazing doctor.
    i had to go for a cleaning.
    i was scared at first,bt Dr.Ganesh Shetty was excellent he made me feel really comft’ble. i cn now say dat aftr bein treated by him m not scared of dental treatments.

  2. I had been to dr.Ganesh shetty’s dental and orthodontic clinic on Kammanahalli main road for a dental problem recently.
    Excellent treatment,we felt at ease there.probably the best health professional we ever came across ,absolutely the best. The wait in the waiting area..a little
    long though.

  3. Dr Ganesh Shetty was recommended by a common friend. my visit to his clinic was to have my 4 yr son’s cavities checked….it was a wonderful experience for my little fellow as he still rememeber Dr Ganesh even after almost a year of the visit….also to mention the flowerhorn at this clinic which is an attraction by itself….i should be visiting him shortly….my second visit to a dentist in 32 yrs ….

  4. I just came down from Kuwait on my holidays and was looking for a dentist.
    I was referred to dr.Ganesh. Shetty by my brother for my dental implants.
    I was advised 5 implants for my missing teeth by shetty.I would say his surgical finesse is truly laudable. He is a godsend for all people suffering with ill-fitting dentures and missing teeth. Worth the 30 minute wait in his perpetually crowded waiting area.

  5. I have been hating to meet dentist for my tooth woes( I am blessed with perpetual cavities inspite of whatever care I take), I have met so many dentists in my life; but this one- De. Ganesh Shetty is wonderful. I will reason out:

    1- He is himself calm very pleasant and makes you calm
    2- His worksmanship/fillings is very good- IMPORTANT
    3- he is well versed with the latest techniques, materials and options available; THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME SINCE GIVEN A CHOICE I PAY A LITTLE MORE AND GET BETTER AETHETICS
    4- He does not force you with un-necessery interventions; you can get to know pros and cons on different choice and you make a reasoned choice.
    5-He is inexpensive let me tell you( Surprise?); I know but I dont tell him:-). Many consultations he does not charge.
    6- Very Hygienic; goes slow but finishes fast
    7- He is specially wonderful with kids.
    8- He has a varied clientale that kind of indicates he is very good at all types of dental work and caters to different classes of population

    I will recommend Dr. Ganesh; I am v happy. And there is a certain sense of returning to him for all patients and dentist means skills, knowledge and patient understanding.

  6. Forgot to add that, I decided to add to the blog because, my recent work was needed since I had seen some other doctors attending to my teeth as I had moved my home.
    Most required re-doing and Dr. Shetty handled well. As of now I feel relived and pray they remain that way.

  7. I was referred to ganesh by a family friend for my sons orthodontic procedure. Since in south Korea we go only by referrals . Dr anjali who is the orthodontist there did a brilliant job on my my son jinns protruded mandible which one Korean doctor in Seoul advised a surgery for.patient friendly and clean,just that the wait even with an appointment is little irritating also the scores of foreigners in the waiting room adds to the chaos. Worth the wait though..

  8. I had been for orthodontic treatment to set my crooked teeth right..I must say dr anjali shetty did a fantastic job on my teeth….she even finished my treatment earlier than scheduled……( in 14 months). I was thrilled…….though the waiting area was crowded all through.,I would definitely recommend her if u want yr teeth set right

  9. Being 38 years of age I was extremely conscious of wearing braces to correct my irregular teeth….dr anjali shetty gave me the option of using a beautiful porcelain brace….which could correct my teeth at the same time look inconspicuous………….and it worked wonders……….I had a perfect smile in one and a half years time……all thru my experience with her was pleasant n rewarding………absolutely recommended.

  10. We landed up in Dr. Shetty’s clinic accidentally 7 years ago when we moved
    to Bangalore and my wife was desparetly looking for immediate relief from a
    toothache my then 7 year old son had. Over these 7 years my family of four
    had been to his clinic for may be, 30 times, and every time we felt he does
    wonders for all kinds to treatment: filling, extraction, root canal, bridges. We
    have not had an implant yet -). Though I now live at a place that is quite far
    from Kamanahalli and it takes me and hour to reach his clinic (and the 30-60
    minutes wait at the chamber) I would not want to see any other doctor. He is
    especially good with kids. Last month my daughter need filling in a couple of
    teeth and it was done with smile on her (and doctor’s) face all the while.
    Absolutely amazing. If I have to list two good things about Bangalore, it will
    be Dr. Shetty and what ????

  11. Perpetually crowded with patients,speaks of the good work they do in the clinic.i came down from melbourne with a previously messed up bridgework by another dentist.,though I was skeptical initially dr.g put me at ease.he finished my RCT and bridge within a week.good work,he could do with a larger office for his booming biz.

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  13. Dr.ganesh exudes confidence which is reassuring for paranoid patients like me.
    Great work also!!the long wait in his ever crowded office is a little bugging sometimes. But worth referring others to him

    1. brilliant new office ,very spacious too,but the wait to see dr.shetty is long.
      although once in ,my fear of dentists disappeared.
      great work doc,will surely recommend more people to him.

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  15. Thanks for the info doctor. Small Bites is the exclusive dental care for children in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Contact us for more info.Contact Numbers : 080 – 2520 0226 / 2527 2614

    1. Atif, i am not a relative of Dr. Ganesh Shetty and I can confidently say his service is brilliant and important his costing is so so reasonable. yes, I guess patients who come to him end up becoming friends and write reviews.
      Atif, you should also try to be one!! Loads of people keep referring by one another and find Dr. Shetty because of his work.

  16. i din like the clinic mch….felt like the doc is jus pretending to be gud in front of d patients…he has dat fake smile on his face always…i hav seen hm shouting at his staffs and fellow docs in front of patients…patients are made to wait to gv their feedback evn is dr is no patients undergoing treatment inside….i would never step into dat clinic in life ever again….

  17. Nidha,
    I have been to Dr Shetty’s clinic so many times. Yes, waiting is very common there, but I don’t think a person would be writing reviews with no patients entering inside the clinic, As it is there is always so many patients waiting outside, and there is 3 dental chairs and I think three dentists totally to cater inside, I am wondering how you experienced that. The doctors would want the patients to come as fast as possible.
    Dr. Ganesh Shetty talks to patients, and that takes time:-)
    With regards to him being not so kind to staff and other doctors, again I don’t think so. He has a great deal of expectation but generally the staff is happy and they all crack jokes with each other. He is free to them I think and will check and provide instructions to his fellow docs and staff, but not shout.
    I go to Dr Shetty for his amazing work. He is extremely reasonable, smart and cordial. The place is hygienic and well done place.
    I will surely recommend as I have been referring so far. Just that be ready to wait in case you are not lucky.
    Nidha, I think you should try again and perhaps speak to him. He is very open person.
    Happy New Year to all

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