Dr. Anuradha Sadashivmurthy, The Cradle, Jayanagar, Bangalore

When we discovered that we were expecting a baby, finding a good obstetrician was the 1st thing on our mind. We went to Apollo clinic at Fraser Town but were not very happy with the doctor. So we started shopping online and came to know of  “The Cradle”, a hospital which specialises in delivering  babies. In fact their tag line is, “Delivering joy” and I completely agree  with the tag line because our delivery was indeed a joyful experience thanks to our doctor at The Cradle.

Dr. Anuradha Sadashivmurthy is an excellent doctor because as a first time parents, all our fears, concerns were handled by her very empathically.  She always answered her cell phone and in cases where she could not,  she would always call back.  She was so helpful that she even told us things that we never knew were important. Like the exercises I could do and avoid, the food I should eat and should not eat. Her behaviour was also very warm and welcoming.  Sometimes it felt as if she was genuinely happy for us even though we only shared a patient and doctor relationship.  All through the pregnancy she never recommended useless medicines and kept saying that I have a very high chance of having a normal baby. From my friends I had heard that generally private hospitals insist on caesarean because that way they can earn a lot more money however in my case, my doctor said I will have a normal delivery and I had a very safe and quick normal delivery.

The pediatrics although is not something that I would recommend at The Cradle but in case you are looking for a very good hospital for delivery and general pregnancy related checkups then please consult Dr. Anuradha Sadashivmurthy because she is really very good at her work. The Cradle is expensive however compared with other private hospitals in Bangalore like Wockhardt, Apollo and Mallya it is relatively cheaper and definitely far better.


12 thoughts on “Dr. Anuradha Sadashivmurthy, The Cradle, Jayanagar, Bangalore

  1. Hi We had a terrible experience with Dr Anuradha Sadashivamurthy of Cloudnine and would like to share it.

    Unfortunately for us none of the statements mentioned above were true.

    Dr Anuradha was not warm and did not give Any kind of guidance.

    We lost our healthy baby in the hands of dr Anuradha. It hurts a lot because mom and child were perfectly healthy.

    There was a sort of OverConfidence in dr Anuradha. She did not give us time to talk to her.

    We regret going to Cloudnine and Dr Anuradha.

    Sorry my baby.

  2. Hi same with me, she gave my perfectly healthy baby girl a paralysis in the right arm. We will never get over it and never be OK

  3. I echo most of the above feelings. None of the statements mentioned above in the first review are true about the doc.. She is NOT empathetic. She didn’t guide us in any way. She would hardly spend 3-5 mins with us on every visit (worth 325 Rs). We could gauge from her tone that she is in a hurry to end the conversation. She would say ‘Ok..?’Ok..?’ with a body language indicating ‘we are done, please leave now’. Even in the 5 mins she would spend, some of it would be lost while she talked on her cell phone.
    I can understand the kind of anxiety a pregnant women undergoes. This doctor did NOTHING to make us feel comfortable. We daunted every visit to her. Because of this unfriendly nature, we also avoided asking questions. We didn’t want to change the doctor thinking it would lead to other complications. We really liked Cloudnine hospital.
    We were unlucky to have such doctor, but cloudnine was a great experience.
    Our baby is doing fine – God’s grace. It was a c-section, though.

  4. From baby center.. Opinion after single visit –

    Hi , So my experience with cloud 9 & Dr.Anuradha was not bad but neither was it good. Although she answered my questions I didn’t feel connected to her. I felt she wasn’t proactive and I had to keep remembering what all to ask. The only reason we went to her was because of the hospital….

    1. Contd.. The only reason we went to her was because of the hospital. My sister delivered in cloud9 & for delivery it was very good. However before conceiving I used to consult Dr.Veena Acharya who comes to new BEL road & also consults at Lakshmi maternity in malleswaram. So I have switched to her and it’s such a relief….

  5. Cloud nine is no more a good hospital – Jayanagar

    soms99 | Oct 30, 2014 | Read 4010Be careful on Billing

    -Do not believe doctors other than Dr. Kishore

    Dr. Anuradha is Utter waste, do not believe on her words if in doubt please go to other doctors.

    have lot of things

    soon……………. …………….. ……………. …………… …………… ……………. …………….

  6. Doctor Anuradha Sadashivamurthy of Cloudnine is a killer gynecologist. She killed our Healthy 34 week baby.

    We have postmortem report to prove it.
    We have reports and statements from other doctors to prove it.

    Dr Anuradha cannot identify simple pregnancy symptoms.

    Doctor Anuradha does not know What tests to order. How will she know what treatment to give.

    A simple tablet daily would have saved healthy baby.

    Dr Anuradha cannot treat small complications. How can you trust her with surgery.

    Dr Anuradha also also paralysed another heathly baby’s right hand.

    Please save your baby. We lost our precious baby to this murderer doctor.

    Dr Anuradha has reputation of killing or handicapping healthy babies..


  7. No doctor wants the patient to die…. But Dr Anuradha attitude hurts. This is where Dr Anuradha is Dangerous.

    A horrible doctor. Bad ego, attitude, shaming her patients.. though its her own fault…

    People may believe her as she is the doctor… People who have suffered under Anuradha are scarred for life.

    Wonder why she became I doctor ..

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