Isolated worlds

Sadness exists in isolation. Everywhere I look around I only see, hear and read stories of struggle, stories of loss, stories of pain. I read Syria, I read genocide, I read hunger, farmer’s suicide, young men dying at the border leaving an orphan behind. Then I also hear stories of men and women suffering from sadness which they can’t explain, stories of suicide and end of life which looked perfect from all angles, stories of life brought to a halt by illness of the mind. If I tell a depressed man, whose life seems picture perfect, to look around and see the pain of the toddler who is now an orphan, the man’s pain will not magically disappear. Such is the reality of sadness. It exists in isolation. My pain is not bigger or smaller than yours, it’s just different. It’s just isolated. Its like many different planets or worlds which exists without even knowing what its like to live on that different planet. We are all united in our sufferings. All we need is to build that bridge to come closer.


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