Constant Motion

Update I


What do I write? I do not like talking about myself much so will not do so. Would rather want to meet in person and let people explore because I love to see that surprised look.

 As I write this, there are a few people pinging me on my on G Talk.

I can not concentrate. I can not concentrate on anything for more than 30 mintues at a streach which means that I need change. And yes, I believe that variety is the spice of life so chances are if you see me in black hair today you may see me in blonde the next time we meet. And yes, did not I tell you that I love that look of surprise. (No I realise that blonde will not look good on me, but never mind)

I love to talk, infact I strongly believe in “Communication” and that is the only cause that I support, “Communicate” “Communicate” “Communicate” and if you still see me not talking chances are I may be having food in my mouth.

Food is my favourire sport. My other favourite sport is travelling, socialising, flirting at times and giving myself an ego boost. I also read books, listen to music and love to dance. In fact I do everything that any girl of my age would love to do which proves that I am normal even though my boyfriend, my best friends and my family including my dog would love to disagree.

I love finer things in life and you may at times see the occasional sophistication, and vanity taking its toll on me due to my Libran traits combined with my totally weird, whacky, rebelious Aquarian attitude.

 Puzzled, lost, confused, well thats the look that I sport most of the time when amongst strangers. Funny, when with friends. Sercastic, brutal and revengeful with people I dislike.

In love with the Animal kingdom. In my dictionary, Dog is the king of the world and I call myself the Alpha Female Wolf.

Ok 30 mintues are over and am bored of writing about myself. Right now really have to rush to the lady’s room, want some coffee too at the same time. Have been procastinating work. Catch Ya sometime later, in life, whenever, wherever…till then keep the faith.

Update II

I started blogging in the late 2005. I used to write my thoughts in a diary which later took a virtual shape. Blogspot is where I ranted initially moving on to word press.


My blogging inspiration has been, well, who else, Sanju the boss (to be honest, I had to keep my big ego a side to give credits to her 😛 but then she deserves it too)


Later I joined delhibloggers group in Delhi and eventually Blogalorean in Bangalore. (as a matter of fact this name “blogalorean” was coined by me without any credits from the Blogalorean owner L )



From the early ranting phase I have come to a stage where I write about various things which interests me. However, the focus is still on personal life though the rant has changed to every day humor.


Very lazy when it comes to typos, spell check and proof reading but after the success of “Taare Zammen Per” I can proudly cover my laziness by calling myself a “dyslexic genius”


Blogging got me my space on the BBC radio in Mid 2006, NDTV in the end of 2006, NDTV again in April 2008.


Currently my life has become a constant battle with the clock. With a full time job, 2 Labradors and many interests which are waiting to become passion at some point of time, an active circle of friends, a restless mind and an equally restless body, I never get to miss the frequent funny incidents that keep happening to me all the time. Occasional stress is what keeps me grounded else…


It is fun being the wife cum girl friend of a photographer husband, who also is an engineer.  Vinayak and I are ideal children any parent could have. We are the perfect answer to their prayers. After all, every Indian parent wants an Engineer groom and I got my parents an Engineer groom. All parents want a homely bahu and my mom in law got me. We also went an extra mile by fixing our own wedding there by saving our parents from all the trouble. Our wedding story was published in Mint (print as well as online) You can read the entire wedding story in my blog.


Unlike all un sexy, geeky engineers, my husband is an extremely sexy man. So my parents have got a bonus, an engineer groom who is sexy too and can earn money by being a photographer after his retirement.



 I call my self my husband’s girlfriend because I am the only one who takes him out for dates and drinks and romantic walks. The romantic walks have now become an exercise routine to fight the bulge 😛 but the romance is very much in place.


In the evenings if you spot 2 exceptionally good looking people  in and around Cooke town being pulled by 2 dogs, chances are you have spotted us.



On a lazy Sunday I love to, well, laze…(isn’t that obvious) but the guilt pang is what I can’t get of.


I love food and I cook decently well (I am shameless at times when I have to blow my own trumpet no matter how non-melodious it may sound)

Have been painting a lot as a kid which won me a certificate from National Gallery of Modern Art and a certificate from my school for outstanding performance in Fine Arts.


Inclined to do something to show my responsibility as a citizen. Thus formed the M.A.D group which is dedicated to make a difference to the society we live in.


I am self sufficient when it comes to boosting my ego. I am hopelessly dependent when it comes to need for love, care and attention from loved ones. Love being in the company of loved ones as much as I love my own company and look for solitude to read that book which is written on philosophy, fact, self help, spirituality, religions, sex, porn, theology, sociology, psychology, cartoon strips, dogs, love and relationships, NEWS, politics…


Well, that’s Dr. Motion for you at her modest best…


Update III


Lot of updates in fact lots of it; moved in to a new and better house. Dogs have become bigger and quieter but their IQ levels still dates back to pre-history when dinosaurs roamed freely. Especially Pondi, I feel as if he has been gifted with a brain which is past its expiry date.  Well, that is not an update but information. The update is that Vinayak and I had a baby this 25th of July and as luck would have it Alleppey and Pondi also had their first litter on the 14th of Aug. So we were pretty much juggling between 4 babies; 1 human baby and 3 doggy babies. 1 thing that was uncannily similar among all these babies was the amount of pee and poo they could do.

 Ever since Ahana came to our lives, life has become a classroom where we learn and unlearn new things everyday, make mistakes and move on. No one can teach you how to be a parent, so we are learning on the job. Living in a different city than your parents also makes it a little difficult because you are expected to do everything on your own without any help.

Pregnancy and childbirth also opened our eyes to a world that we never knew existed. Our mornings start at 5 a.m. and we know how the world looks at dawn. 10 p.m. is late night for us. Shopping list consists of diapers and toys. My handbag is a big bag full of baby supplies. I have forgotten to wear heels, don’t remember when was the last time I wore a short dress or went dancing. We also know now that all the filmy stuff that we get to see in movies about pregnancy and child birth, none of it is true. NONE OF IT. Depression, fatigue are common, sometimes you don’t even recognize your own image in the mirror.  We do have our moments of joy too but they come in intervals and for very short periods of time. In short, good days look like Marley and Me” and bad days look like Revolutionary Road“. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it’s not what they show on TV, it’s also not what your friends tell you about it because the truth is every pregnancy is different and child rearing and motherhood is not as romantic and fun as Johnson and Johnson tries to project. Therefore, I had to take some very difficult and important steps and ended up quitting my job that too at a point where my job profile was changing and I was expecting a career growth. But the good part is I won’t have to do two full time jobs now. Oh! I also got rid of my irritating maid. She has gone back to wherever she came from with gall stones and beef biriyani which she secretly made in my kitchen to be savored in a Delhi bound non-AC train.

That’s it for now…wish you all a very happy 2010.


13 thoughts on “Constant Motion

  1. Hi Snigdha,

    Read your posts a bit- u write gud I mean a read worthwhile.. very few people can do that..

    I dont know much abt this blgging so dnt knw if u read my reply..

    I remember you & recall working with you too.. I miss those days.. wish we could manage them on a jogdial..

    Please mail me at

    Busy with wedding??

    wishing u a gud time today & always..

  2. Hi Need a favor. Could you please delete both my reviews on Dr Anuradha Sadashivamurthy. You can verify me by my email id . Thanks a lot. Sorry for the confusion

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