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The title is self-explanatory. What more can I say?




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Life is full of surprises. My birthday this year became the most memorable birthday ever. Thanks to Vinayak. This was the first time that the birthday celebration started from 31st Jan 11:45 p.m. and lasted till 3rd February.

The celebration started much before when we went to get our puppy on the 29th of Jan. I have always been fond of dogs and was pestering Vinayak for one. To my happiness, Vinayak also loves dogs. He was planning to gift me a puppy on my birthday but could not do so. So we went to RT nagar to pick a lab puppy on 29th Jan but did not bring it home because Vinayak told me that we will not be in town for the weekend. We were too excited none the less.

31st Jan:- We were watching Om Shanti Om at home, when at 10:00 p.m. the door bell rang to my surprise because I was not expecting anyone. I opened the door to see Sanju, who came with 3 pastries and sandwiches from our favorite joint “Sweet Chariot Cafe”. Both Vinayak and Sanju said sorry to me for not getting a birthday cake but I was happy anyway, because this had come out of the unexpected. Never in my life I celebrated my birthday at midnight.

At 11:20 p.m. the bell rang again, and I again wondered who could that be? It was my cousin Soma Di with a broad grin who stood there with 2 5star chocolates in her hand.

Vinayak was all bouncy and excited and was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 12 so that the date changes to 01 Feb and he could start the party. I was touched by whatever little, big, significant, not so significant each of them had planned for me.

By the time Om Shanti Om reached the end, it was 12 already. The 3 pastries were decorated with bananas, corn flakes and small candles were put on it. I was called to do the honors and was taken by surprise when Vinayak took out a big chocolate cake which he had hidden in the Wine closet.

I cut the cake, got smeared with cake. Loved it all. Since I had cake allover, I had to go upstairs to wash my face when Vinayak asked me to look under the bed cover. I removed the bedcover to discover there were cards kept, neatly laid with serial numbers and hand written notes. Each card had a message of how much Vinayak loves me. The 6th card had a beautiful pendant hidden inside which Vinayak had picked up for me and the 7th card startled me with a song “because you are gorgeous” We both laughed and I remained in his arms for sometime.

Then we all sat down in the lobby and decided that we all should have a theme song so that in case we also get re-incarnated we should have a song that will help us identify each other when sung. 4 pf us brainstormed and came up with a nasty song, which has been circulated to many of you. The orchestra consisted of Vianyak on a “Ek-Tara”, Shoma Di on a gramophone speaker, Sanju on a discarded guitar and laptop and me on a “Bang-Baddo” which is a wooden frog with a wooden stick. The concert continued till 3 a.m. and we had put all the street dogs to silence.

01Feb, 08:- Morning started with phone calls from all of my in-laws. Wishing me one by one. My parents also wished me. Reached work at 10:30 a.m. The day passed quickly. In the evening Vinayak had invited few of our close friends to Hypnos, a Mediterranean lounge. I was wearing a Maroon dress which looked nice and I think I also looked good. Though, Sunil kept saying that I looked small, I don’t know what does that mean? We drank, ate, teased Sunil and Danny and at 11:45 p.m. was asked to stand on the table of Hypnos, by Sunil. I got up on the table and then everyone started singing “happy birthday to you” The staff joined in the chorus along with the other guests in the restaurant. It was fun and something I had never done before.

2nd Feb 2008:- Vinayak woke me up at 6 a.m. and we got ready as Vinayak’s surprise was still on. He asked me to guess the name of the place where he was taking me. I took all the names that I knew and was finally taken to a beautiful tree house in Wayanad, Kerela.

A cozy tree house, a small romantic place where 2 people madly in love can do naughty things. In the evening, Vinayak lit up the entire place with aromatic candles and opened a bottle of champagne. What followed after that is very personal and private.

3rd February:- We checked out and went to see tea gardens of Wayanad and started our homeward journey.

All the way, I kept falling in love with this man, who was driving me back. I told him that he made my birthday a memorable one and he makes my life so beautiful. Something he does not know is, my parents used to celebrate my birthday with a lot of fanfare till I was a kid after that it was always me calling my friends over, treating them. But never did I got to feel special on my birthday. Vinayak is the first person who made it so special. I had a wonderful time of my life after 20 years.

Sanju and Kreeti kept their G talk status message reserved for me that day for the entire day. Sanju thoughtfully got a card and a very cute gift for me. Shoma Di kept a nice surprise in my bedroom. Ammo, our maid, got me a rose and a chocolate. Vinu, Tanika called me to wish at 12. Sunil, Danny took time out to be there for me. Ansi took time out and called, after so many days, just to wish me. You guys really made my birthday very very special.