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Ode to Bangalore

If I had to lead my life without you O’Bangalore, my life will be Delhi, my days will be hotter

If I had to lead my life without you O’ Bangalore, my life will be in Delhi, my monsoons will be wetter

I will save money and travelling woos

Let me also say this to you

Nothings gonna change my love for you

After all here I found love and life too

Speak Hindi and make better food will you?

Mend the roads and traffic chaos too

Nothings gonna change my love for you

You gave me my love and life back too

So What all you have is big Hype

You took me off my feet with a lot of swipe

If I had to lead my life in Delhi

I will be closer to home, I will save a lot of money

If I had to lead my life, it has to be in Delhi

She has all the wows, she has all the oomph

But dont’t worry darling Bangalore

Finally am in love with you too

So hold me now, mend the roads and the traffic chaos too

Stop cutting trees and stop selling crap

Stop all that Hate Northy slogan and badge

coz, nothings gonna change my love for you

so what you are all hype and poopoo

Auto wallas here are so arrogant

The men are lecherous, they all have stiff groin

Customer service non existent,

Good Food non eligible in resturants

All I have is crosses and Mains

Where I get lost and look for my Sane

Then Airtel gives automated calls

13 times to make my sanity fall

To make matters interesting

The calls are all in Kannada recording

When I call 121, they refuse to offer a solution

Then I bang my head on the wall

Followed by a post on blog

which gets me comments that read “we hate you all”

labelled as job stealers and northy

I now have doubts on my worthy


Nothings gonna change my love for you

Coz I found my love and my life too

So what potato costs 20 bucks

Mutton 200 and Onion 25, O Shucks

Hold me now, mend the road and traffic signals too

I cant live a day without thinking of you

I will miss the Chamrajpet Charles and Sultan School of Speechaaa….too

The right-aa the Left-aa and the orange gajra to name a few

No THING…gonna change…..








A Bad Mother


Woman you are bad;

No guilt; You are Bad;

No pangs as you let your child die ;

In substance fang;

Woman you are a bad mamma;

Knocked-out she was;

She must have cried out;

“Help me mamma”

You, a bad person;

Served in prison for slaughter of a man;

Your child deserved to die; In the hands of a lustful man

 It dont matter if it was rape;

Coz you were bad so you better take the blame;

So what if the rapist had a bad upbringing too;

Had drugs like your daughter do;

Like so many others; We will pass the buck

Coz unlike you, we dont have a gut;

To ask, To question


WHY Fiona, Why and How did your daughter die?

What bad did you do? What went wrong, where and why?

I am happy as long as I blame;

Coz it don’t matter as long as

Its not my lad and may dame;

I am busy being a good mother

Cooking breakfast and a nice supper;

While my children try “It” out; For the heck of it

For tommorrow; When Scarlett dies

As I watch Your lonley fight

I will also unaware, Opine

“Blame it on her mother: She deserved to die”

Keeling’s killing may have

Run a chill down my spine;

But we will not question the Kings;

Why did you let her die? Why did you not make it safe?

Tommorow Mister Chief Minister;

Your children may also play

In the same play ground; Where Scarlett Died

Tommrow I will have you to blame

As I in unison claim;

Bad Father’s children derserves to die








Simple life and a Simple joy

Simply speaking a simple ploy 

Simple colors simple talk

Simple song and a  simple folk 

Simple rhymes that I know

Simple us and a simple vow 

Simplicity, uncomplex

Easy going and unperplexed 

Unsimple mind but Simple thoughts

Simple children and grownup fought 

Simple truth and simple facts

Simple gestures and simple acts 

 Its not that hard,

its not that tough

Its not that simple

its not that rough

Its easier said than easier done

Simple joys of a simple fun 

A boring joke and a pretentious laugh

A hard to please flesh full heart 

A group of friends and the change

A simple feeling that has faint 

Laughter club and the joy luck group

Lucky me and the simple troupe 

All gone, gone, far very far

Simplicity could not keep at par 

Simplicity fails but does not give up

Tries her best to keep the pace up 

She runs, she stumbles,

Sometimes, trips over too 

She falls but cant be booed away or shooed 

Delhi:- My Home

There flows a river

And by its side there’s a world

Dilapidated, tightly knit

Yet on the outskirts of what we call a social limit

There I see elephants and a little further a new city

Come little closer, and I see the ruins of old age

And also broken bones of our victory

People jostling and moving for livelihood

People unknown and known stopping by

For Prayers offered to different Gods

But one cause, different faiths But one race,

In the heart of yours and his and hers

There is the sign of slavery

Look beyond and I see the fire Ever shouting in silence of our bravery

The fire within the fire outside The fire which has been burning inside

For 60 years

The causes, the beliefs, the atrocities

All united and all one

Marching together to mock the shackles

You can not catch them, they are the mob

Motivated for right or wrong T

hey will stay and some might go

Some would become the headlines tomorrow

You will discuss over a cup of tea In your barista or your office canteen

Blue is the line that runs in the nerves

Tubes also now fitted to it,

Steels and rods all round Concrete bed, and a few green lawns

The three legged visitor is a nasty one

Green and yellow is what it wears for pun

There I see a white lotus Standing still amongst all hocus

A little there is the haat and a little there is the gate

Could you see it standing tall

From where all children fall

Mumbo Jumbo and a Jantar Mantar

Casts her Magic from prince to sponger

I saw rising and falling

For years and centuries Scared and hiding

between the Arravalis And the ridges

Visited by so many

Dynasties after Dynasties

Mauryas and Lodhis Mughals the Afghans,

the English the Pandavs professed and confessed.

With the Blackouts and Brownouts And Power Play

The money, the less

The 26 winter day

The 15 rainy sky

The 2 of the 10th non-violence

The beating retreat of lights and colours

The festivals of all cultures

They get and they eat here

They take and dirty there

With modernity and tradition Walking hand in hand

Where abundance and scant are married

Where green is living in Smokey rooms

This is my city, Delhi, my Home

Pyaar ki Adjustment

Last evening Ulsoor lake jaake

 Pata chala, pyaar mei log kya kya karte hain

Sade hue Paani ki Tanki ke pass baithe

Jhoothe wade karte hai

Inse milie, ye hai Rajnigandha

Dosa IdIi khati hai

Aur nariyal tel se sehat banati hain

Aur ye hai, unka haath thaame hue

Ashwaak Mia

Biriyani khate hai Aur

Saans ki durgandh Orbit se chhipaate hai

Pyaar kya kya nahi karata

Airtel Hutch ka profit badata

Jab do premi sote jaagte ILU ILU karte hai

Sade paani ke tanki ke paas baithe Popkornk sane haatho se jhoothe wade karte hai

 MGRoad ki tang sadko pe

Jahan par rakhne ko jagah nahi

 Wahi pe ye log very smartly

 Hath pakad ke chalet hai

 CCD Barista mei khali baithe

Ek doosre ki aankho mei future dhoondte hai

 Software aur call centre se bore hokar

 Family planning option per google kia karte hai

 Bangalore ki traffic jams mein

 Bike ke peechhe baith kar

 Rajnigandha Kaske pakadti hai

 Ashwaak bhi diversions leta rehta hai

 Ek din inko inhi kinhi signal per

Inke uncle dekh lete hai

 Ghar jake seedha bachho pe nazar rakhne ki hidayat dete hai Pakdi gai chori to dono premi

 Maa baap ki khatir juda ho lete hain

 Kuch din ro lete hai

 Phir inhi software ki dukan mei

Ashwaak ko fir koi Pushpa Rani milti hai

 Aur Rajnigandha bhi calling karte hue

 Kisi Mutthhoo Swami ke sang ho leti hai

 Pyaar mein dono dating karne ka plan banate hai

 Purani Yaadein taza karne fir se Ulsoor lake ki aur chal dete hain

 Wahi tanki, wahi durgandh, wahi bheedbhaad yogalo ki

 Par pyaar ki khatir dono yahi per adjust kar lete hain.

My Friends


When He sent me to my mothers lap

I grew up too fast to raise my hand

With which I held my dad’s fingers

His touch and his scent still lingers

With tiny hands and trying feet

I kept growing till the lap became too small

And the grip of his fingers too lose

I was sent to a world full of strangers

And mom dad called it a school

I grew up and fell in love

I failed and I fell

I got up but with bruises

A broken heart, a broken marriage,

A shattered motherhood

A dead ego and self doubt

I was covered with dust and no one knew it was me

In that strange world

I found a stranger

Who grew up with me, and,  

As a friend who was just known to me

20 years is a long time

To make a child a woman

And it took 20 years for God

To bring us close.

I found my lost friend

At the time of despair

She stood by my ordeal

My freedom and till I got back my zeal.

She became the reason

And the means

For me to connect with some wonderful people

People I never knew existed

People just like me

People with courage and fire in the belly

Who tell stories of determination

Stories of acceptance

Stories of non stop life after a disappointment.

Stories which Aneehsa Myles have

Of confidence and independence

Of giving un-conditionally

Stories of Hitesh-which re-confirms

The non-conformist’s idea of survival

Of rooted to the ground while gazing the stars

Stories of Chhota Amit

Of Aggression and Honesty

Of Initiative and being undisguised

Stories of so many

Ordinary, extra-ordinary

Names of people, who matter

And of those who do not.

Stories of Abhishek

In whom I found a caring

Younger brother

Stories of Ramit, who I always consulted

Stories of people who live a weird life

I am at a loss of words

Because I can not thank God enough

To have given a chance to re-live

Life with hope and smile

To stand up for myself with respect and pride

And in the process meeting interesting lives

 For the ability to love everyone and for His generosity

For being loved in return by all of you

My friends when we care

My foes when we fight

My inspiration sometimes

My chance to be surprised

For the lessons learned and for

The lessons un-learned

For the disappointments forgotten

And for the memories and stories

Which I would share with my and your

Grand children J

It is not a thank you note

It is just a way of saying

You all matter

Ghummakkad Gang Ki Holi

Holi ka Maza

Holi ke Pakwaan,

Gujia, Kachori aur Holi ke Gaan

Rang, Gulaal, Abeer laal

Bhang peeke chale hans ki chaal

Gubbare, Pichkari, Bachho ki phulwari,

ghar ka aangan ho ya phoolo ki kyaari

Dekho zara, chuke na nishsna

Holi hi sahi, hai achha bahana

jakdo, pakdo, lagao rang

reh jai dekh ke sab hi dang

na chale pata kaun hai kaun

kaun hai hero aur kaun hai Don

chhupa hua hai almari ke peeche

palang ke neeche, aankhe meeche

aaj koi bachne na pai

har koi rang mei ek ho jai

saat rang mil ke sada (white) ho jai

ek ho jai, jhagde bhulae

masti se jhoome, naache, gai

gale lagai, sab kuch bhulai

ek rang pyaar ka, ek rang dosti ka

ek rang “Ghummakad Gang” ke naam udai.