New Media & Democracy

The other day I was watching a reality show on TV where the participants were begging for votes to save themselves from being eliminated.  The same episode also showed  the mind boggling number of votes one of the contestants had won and that led me to thinking…in a country where the government is chosen by us, a country which is the largest democracy in the world, why only less than half of its voting population go out of their homes to cast their vote?  We don’t practice our political right  to choose a leader for our country. We leave the most important decision of finding the country’s leader in the hands of a selected few who are most of the time coaxed into voting a certain party because the so called leader belongs to their village, caste, community or has promised something big for them and I was wondering, when it comes to voting for reality shows then people sms their votes as if they are going to win a prize for voting. Why is that?

I feel the way we choose our leader and our electoral system really need to change because we, as people of this country especially the youth,  have changed dramatically. Our lives have changed and lifestyles have changed too.  Finding few hours to reach a polling booth, stand in a que and cast our votes is something we find difficult to adjust in our lifestyle. We live a very fast world where information travels at a speed of light, where we dream of fast internet,  fast cars and short cuts because at the end of the day,  24 hours also seem very short with all the things that we have to manage, be it at home, at work, in personal or in social life. So much so that we do not even get time to see a friend on his birthday party but  rather prefer wishing him on Facebook. We socialize on social networking sites, we read online rather than sitting in a library and we vote using our cell phones for the reality shows. So why not use the same media for election campaigning and voting? Why can’t the political parties start discussing their manifesto, their goals on social networking sites like  Twitter, Facebook and start blogging.  There are off course  many political parties who are waking up to this revolution which only proves one point that new media is a very powerful tool especially to reach the youth of urban India and the political parties realize that to really create an impression on us they need to be one of us who we can also relate to.

Democracy and the way we choose our leaders need to adapt to the changing times if the parties need urban votes also along with the rural votes.  We may not find time to venture out to vote but that does not mean that we are unwilling, we only need a platform which is more accessible to us for voting. I think just like they have in the reality shows, we should also be give an option where we can Twitter, sms, call in to cast our votes and be equally responsible and committed in choosing the face of new India via new media.



I don’t understand women, especially if the woman is a bitch.  Well, I am talking about my female Labrador Alleppey. She would steal Mishka’s toys, break them, snatch biscuits from her, break things, try to sneak away with Mishka’s clothes or belongings. I don’t undersatnd her jealousy. We give her lost of attention but she is still jealous of our daughter. She would beat up our male Labrador and then give a very sad look making us feel guilty.  That’s her…

The Missing Humane

Today I twittered, “Humans are the worst parasite on earth. Our track record proves it and all our wars are to prove who the bigger parasite is.”

My mom always says, “It takes a lot of good deed to be born as a human. To be born as a human is the best a wandering soul could get.” And she is not the only one. All Hindu preachers and believers, who believe in the cycle of birth, believe in this statement. But I sometimes wonder what is so great about being a human. We kill, we torture, we are sadists, and we are nothing but parasite. We are feeding on our planet and killing her but we don’t care. We not only kill animals but skin them alive for their skin and fur. We slit their throats and wait for them to bleed to death so that their meat is no longer forbidden by some religious doctrine and is fit for consumption. If you think you should abide by the religious doctrine then let me tell you this, religion is manmade and your conscience is god given. So who should you rather abide by? Will the earth come to an end if the animal is killed in a less torturous way which may be forbidden by some religious doctrine? Will I die of cancer if I don’t get to eat fresh, live fish which is still gasping for air on my plate? Will the human race die of severe cold if I don’t get to wear fur? Do I really need that snake skin boots or that alligator skin bag which has a hefty price tag but is the price enough for that animal’s life? I understand turning a vegetarian won’t help because to make room for agriculture we will have to cut down all the jungles. I feel the approach lies in striking a balance somewhere. We don’t need any leather or fur for our existence; we also don’t need a bull fight or animas in circus. And in situations where the animal must die why can’t we kill it by giving the least painful death.

Who ever made “zero” was a very intelligent person because he or she knew that everything is a vicious circle. We need industrialization so we need land to build industries, we show carrots to people whose land we grab for making those industries, in return the big corporate houses hold the government to ransom because they know how much the money and a global image means to the government, we keep the people unaware, ignorant and poor and also fearful of caste, community and religion so that they never get to see the true picture, so that they never can think outside their own petty issues, so that we can show carrots in the name of reservation and quota and come to power. We wage wars to fight terrorism when we are the proud parents of the monster, we use our army and motivate them in the name of love for country so that they blindly lay their lives to save their nations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and so on when their own orphaned son or daughter has no place to go to have a life of their dreams. We have babies after babies, then we need more houses more land to grow food, so we cut the jungles, we mine the forests, the dry up the lakes, then we feel the heat of global warming, we see animals dyeing and attacking humans, we see water shortage and impact of it on agriculture, we see bad crops, natural disasters due to deforestation, over industrialization and greed, we see farmers in loans and farmer’s body hanging from a tree. We see scarcity of food and price rise. We also see food imports and country plunging in to debts followed by civil wars and the government toppling over. Then comes the rich man with his aid masquerading as a generous country only to rule and loot, terrorism follows, war is declared, country in military coup, weapons are brought, banks become richer, more people are killed, even more babies are born, more land is required, more jobs to be created, more demands to be met…and thus goes the cycle…

I am not religious but I believe in God. I don’t believe that humans are the greatest creation of God rather the biggest mistake by God which is why He lost interest in the world after creating humans. His biggest mistake was to power us with more of intellect and very less of conscience. Had it been the other the round things would have been lot better. Or maybe we are meant to destroy the world the only thing is that we don’t know it and if that is true then we are doing a pretty decent job at it why else then would so many animals and indigenous tribes go extinct.

Because you are not worth it.

Poor people are not worth a beautiful skin or a beautiful body that is why all these beauty products are priced at a premium rate so that only a particular section of the society remains worth it. How else would Mrs. Lal look younger than her maid Lalli? After all not everyone can afford a cream worth Rs.650/- or a monthly facial worth Rs.1500/-

But the scene is not that bad as you might think. The unorganized sector of domestic maids is also seeing the economic boom, at least in metros. That is why, my maid could go to a neighborhood  parlor to get threading done, she could ask the tailor for the making charges of a dress which she saw in Vogue, she could be picky about the Almond drops and Fructis shampoo and the Ponds cream.  Am I jealous? Well a little bit. After all who would feel happy to be clubbed with her maid and being seen at the same parlor sitting next to each other? Snobbish? Yes it is and that is why I believe, Socialism, Marxism are  failed theories because there would always be class divide and we shall ensure that the divide remains. How else would we feel special and a little “hat ke” ?  So what if my maid has dinner with me on the same table and eats the same food, so what if we watch TV together and sometimes I would cook continental for her which she would hate, so what if she once in a while sips port wine with us? I still cannot be seen at the same parlor with her. It’s a social crime.

The maids are trying hard to dress like their madams, in Capri and makeup. They try hard to ape us like we ape the phirangs but can they win? May be not today but after few generations later, they will. As long as we have enough open land where they can go to poo, till that time we will remain their Madams. The day they get a western commode in their homes we will lose whatever little luxury we have. Therefore it is very important for us to buy even bigger and pompous real estate, huge cars and expensive holidays. And then, when they become like us, we would show them our austerity drive, our fight for a social cause and our Botox and our B job.

You see the race will never end, someone will always try to catch up with us and thus it is more important for us to run even faster. The faster we run, the difficult it is for anyone to catch up and be like us. So we have to keep the prices high. Till then they can stick to shampoo sachets and we will stick to our hair extensions.

To Pop or not to Pop


Morning-after pills should be back on air. And not just private companies but even the Union health ministry should advertise them.

This is the view of a four-member expert committee set up by the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) recently to assess the pros and cons of allowing advertising of emergency pills.


I welcome this idea because it will only empower women. Instead of waiting for their male partners to be considerate enough to get a rubber, now women can take a decision on emergency contraception.  The use and side effects of it though, should be clearly stated in the advertisement to prevent its misuse. I also have a feeling that many men would insist women on having the drug rather than them using a condom. Therefore it will be again on the woman to say NO in case she does not want to pop a pill.

What was more interesting than the NEWS was the comments section where people have expressed their concern that advertising emergency contraception for women will be bad for our culture and this will encourage pre-marital sex thereby earning bad name for the respective families. I feel like asking these ignorant concerned people, “Which age and time do they live in?” Pre marital sex is a reality as much as adultery and these pills will only help lessen the number of wanted pregnancies and reduce the abortion related deaths which is far more serious than “earning a bad name for the family”

I also feel that I&B ministry should seriously start censoring and banning TV serials which are regressive in nature.  These TV serials which are mostly watched by people who can relate to these ideas, do nothing but reconfirm their already regressive opinion on how a woman should behave and be treated.

I have ample examples to quote; Do Hanso Ka Joda, where the mother in law is continuously harassing her young, docile daughter in law, in Palko ki Chaon mein, the heroine is always crying and is blamed for everything bad, in Pratigya, the girl is being sexually harassed by a man but the family is simply helpless to be able to do anything. In all these serials the women and her family is a victim waiting for some knight in shining armor or some miracle or may be after some 100 more episodes the director will decide to show how the woman of the serial has been able to win the heart of her mother in law with her enduring patience and love there by reconfirming the idea that “aurat to sahanshilta ki moorat hai.”There is this promo going on about how a childless woman cannot do “god bharai” as if the only job sanctioned to woman is to bear children. The list is endless.

Similarly, the regressive advertisement of fairness creams which shows that a person’s success depends on skin colour is extremely racial in nature thus these should be pulled off air.

In fact, all these “sanskar ke rakhwale” should form another “sena” to fight against these serials which show women in bad light rather than worry about emergency contraceptive pill and leave that decision on the women to pop or not to pop.

Swamiji’s Orgasm

I don’t understand what is the big deal if the swamiji had been having sex? What was the need to catch him redhanded behind closed doors with another consenting adult female?  I mean, he is a human too, with mortal need for pleasure. Though I don’t know if he ever said that he was a celibate. The only objection I have in the whole story is, if swamiji was just an ordinary man like all of us then there was no need for him to pretend to be holier than thou.  He could have found a simple job and could have had peaceful orgasms, one after the other.  But maybe he wanted all the sandalwood, all the donations and an orange robe to bed pretty actresses.

Here’s the TOI Video

Kurbaan-A Special Message

Here is a special message for Hindi movie lovers especially for people who love thrillers. Kurbaan is the movie of the year. It’s a romantic thriller with great performances by all the lead actors as well as by actors who were there just for a cameo. The music is hum able, the camera work is great, the look; international. All in all a great film and a must watch without the preachy message and even with loopholes Kurbaan is a gripping film.

Here’s the Trailor for you:- Trailor


And here are 2 of my fav songs: Shuran Allah and the very seductive Rasiya

Thankyou Bangalore

Not in a mood for flowery words. Just want to document few more of my (bad) experiences in Bangalore.

1. My maid was on her way to Frazer Town for a checkup. She could not find an auto so she kept walking because of which she started feeling sick and threw up. She stopped another reluctant auto and requested to take her to clinic as she was feeling sick. But the auto wallah refused and went away.

2. My building security guard does everything but guard the building. They are just alcoholic showpieces. One of them would ask for money at the drop of a hat.

3. My maid stopped a man who was carrying a big stick. She wanted the stick as she had dropped something on the ground floor roof which needed to be picked up with the help of a stick. Once she got that thing the man started asking her for 50 bucks. She told that man that he should have asked for money at the time when she asked him to lend that stick she would have said no. Also, all the hard work of picking the thing from the roof was done by her so she should not be paying him any money. Lot of commotion happened, our security guard refused to intervene. Later another person asked her to go home and not entertain that greedy man.

4. Bharat Gas delivery man comes, most of the time without a bill. He would ask for 370/- and we would pay him. This time he came with a bill which had 322/- written on it which was inclusive of VAT. The man asked for 350/- I said the bill says 322/- he said its 326/- 20 Rupees is his deliver charges. I told him that makes a total of 340 not 350. He took the money and went away. In our absence he has been taking 370/- instead of 322/- Moreover gas deliver is free of charge. There are no deliver charges attached. But I still paid him as knowing that I am in a corrupt city, this delivery guy may decide not to deliver the gas on time. Once he took 20 days of pestering for delivering gas.

5. The guys at the cash counter of most of these so called departmental stores are dumb. They don’t understand simple queries. On asking for a plastic fridge bottle I was handed over a pearl pet jar.

6. Coconut shells which are supposed to be waste are sold for 10/- for a KG.

7. Tele marketing people call and ask, “Tell me madam” To which I have to yell at them. “You have called me, you tell me.”
8. Kaya skin clinic calls and asks for certain madam X. I tell them its not her number anymore, and I am asked, if the person has gone out of Bangalore. Now, what does Its not her number anymore mean anyway?
9. My baby sitter gets stalked. There is this guy who keeps calling me on my cell, just like that. There is no dirth of jobless men here.

10. People get run over by trains on the railway track near our house.  Still the authorities won’t block that railway track or make a bridge over it.

Some good, smart person might ask me now, “Why am I still here?” Simon go back.
My answer to that is, “I am stuck here for a reason else I would have gone back long ago.”

Rule of Anarchy

I think I live in a jungle, no I am sure I live in a jungle village. I have run out of cooking gas and its been 25 days Bharat Gas has been efficiently inefficient in not delivering gas but delivering false promises; Gas delivery happening today at 11 a.m. which becomes 2 p.m. after 12 noon and then 6 p.m. by the time its 4 p.m. and after 6 p.m. it becomes delivery happening next day. Apparently Bharat Gas is known for their ever delaying delivery in Bangalore. However their website has all the big talks on customer satisfaction and customer being the king. The days of the monarchy being over; customer being the king backfires everywhere in Bangalore, be it plumber, who will tell you that he will come for sure, and he does come after 15 days of chasing when he realizes that the next day is a dry day and he would need more money to buy alcohol in black. Autowalahs are the shining example of customer service and performing their duties of taking us helpless commuters to our destination when it rains and IT city roads are water logged, when open drains become death traps; They simply look at you top to bottom and do a quick mental calculation which depends on how drenched you are and how far do you stay because that is exactly proportionate to the amount of fleecing that they can do.


Karnataka, I think, is the only state where you need a ration card to get a new connection for cooking gas. No election card, no passport (which you used to travel to USA when 9/11  happened), no nothing doing, only ration card. So what do you do if you were stupid enough to think that driver’s license, passport, voters card, pan card are all government authenticated valid documents and missed out on making a ration card? The answer is simple, you buy gas in black and the vendors will happily sell you cooking gas illegally because the state itself promotes dishonesty by tying up your hands since you don’t have a ration card. How does one get a ration card? Well I don’t know, I don’t even want to know because I anyway won’t be going to a ration shop, stand in a queue to buy my share of dust filled, husk filled, stone laden grains.


Why do I get a feeling that it is more useful if you are either a poor or a rich kid in this country, or may be a dalit because general category people from middle class families can’t arm twist the government nor do they get anything from the government’s kitty because the government won’t get anything from the educated middle class. They can’t brain wash us by giving us saree or free TV sets, nor can they earn heavy revenue from us because we won’t be starting a infrastructural project in their state. Yes all we do is pay our taxes on time which helps them get their salaries and buy new cars with great shock absorbers after all in Bangalore you need great shock absorbers and huge asses to take all the bumpy rides. I am sure I must have broken a few small bones already in 2 years becuase I don’t have a huge cushy ass, but repetitive torture of bumps, pot holes, open drains, no footpaths, lot of traffic has already numbed my senses to feel any more pain.


I have already given an ultimatum to my husband to get out of this village before I lose my mental balance and he finds me in some city mental hospital.


Here’s my wish list (which no one is interested in but still):- I want gas delivered on time and not wait for 20-25 days every month, I want good and intelligent customer service from my credit card company especially Citibank which goes berserk every month precisely 10 days before my due date fearing I might runaway to Afghanistan, I want good customer service from Airtel which can not provide a simple service like call conferencing, where agents don’t understand the difference between call details and call charges, I want quick resolution of petty problems like fixing water pipes which took an entire day of pestering, no 1000 bucks grocery bill where the grocery list contains potato, onion, mango, orange, bread and milk, I want better roads where I can walk without a life or accident insurance, I want footpaths and not drain covers in the guise of footpath, I want honest autowallas. Ah! Me and my huge expectations.


Note:- Hate comments though not welcome, will anyway get them on my blog because that’s what people do, join on-line fight clubs and not address real issues.

Proud of Priti and Shivakumar

Today is a good day. Good day to feel proud. Came across the success stories of hard work and determination.

The 1st story is of Priti. Twenty-three-year-old Priti Maithil, the daughter of a daily wage labourer in Sehore in Madhya Pradesh has ranked 92nd in the UPSC examinations and it is no surprise that her family is bursting with pride. 

The 2nd story is of Shivakumar, a daily wage labourer to get 92% in SSLC exam.

Here is his entire story.


Like in many states, Karnataka’s SSLC examination results are out and the toppers have had their share of limelight locally. But one high-scorer stays unsung in his village, 52 km from Bangalore, uncertain of what the future holds for him.


He is the first boy in his entire village and school to score an impressive 92 per cent in the state SSLC exams. But when the results came out, 17-year-old Shivakumar was busy – breaking stones at a construction site. The daily wages of Rs 140 that he receives feeds him and his widowed mother. “I would tell him, I can’t buy any more kerosene for the lamp. My son would then go and study by the light of the temple,” says Narsamma, Shivakumar’s mother.


Saroja, a social worker who had rescued him 5 years ago from a hotel where he used to wash dishes sees him as a true motivation. “My mother has struggled all her life for me. I want to look after her well so that she doesn’t have to work again,” says Shivakumar.


Shivakumar wants to be a teacher of Mathematics, a subject he says that many village students fail in. This shy bookworm hopes to remove that fear factor. Who would imagine that a boy living in such poverty, in a rented hut with barely anything to eat would clear the boards with such distinction? If more people come forward to support, there.