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Dr. Praveen Bopaiah R , Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore-Review

After having a baby, it is very important that you have a good pediatrician ready. Someone known to us recommended Dr. Praveen Bopaiah and now after visiting her I also highly recommend her.  Her clinic, like any other good and well-known doctor’s clinic, is always full of patients so it is advisable that you make an appointment with her whenever possible. In emergency cases you can call her and visit her at her house.

As a doctor, she understands parent’s concern and also knows what will a baby like and not like. I am sure her job must be difficult because her patients can hardly talk and explain their problems. But she  knows the right treatment, diagnosis and medicines for the little babies. She is not very expensive also.  Though my baby has suffered from minor ailments only but she always springs back into action after getting treated by Dr. Bopaiah.

Highly recommended.