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A Bad Mother


Woman you are bad;

No guilt; You are Bad;

No pangs as you let your child die ;

In substance fang;

Woman you are a bad mamma;

Knocked-out she was;

She must have cried out;

“Help me mamma”

You, a bad person;

Served in prison for slaughter of a man;

Your child deserved to die; In the hands of a lustful man

 It dont matter if it was rape;

Coz you were bad so you better take the blame;

So what if the rapist had a bad upbringing too;

Had drugs like your daughter do;

Like so many others; We will pass the buck

Coz unlike you, we dont have a gut;

To ask, To question


WHY Fiona, Why and How did your daughter die?

What bad did you do? What went wrong, where and why?

I am happy as long as I blame;

Coz it don’t matter as long as

Its not my lad and may dame;

I am busy being a good mother

Cooking breakfast and a nice supper;

While my children try “It” out; For the heck of it

For tommorrow; When Scarlett dies

As I watch Your lonley fight

I will also unaware, Opine

“Blame it on her mother: She deserved to die”

Keeling’s killing may have

Run a chill down my spine;

But we will not question the Kings;

Why did you let her die? Why did you not make it safe?

Tommorow Mister Chief Minister;

Your children may also play

In the same play ground; Where Scarlett Died

Tommrow I will have you to blame

As I in unison claim;

Bad Father’s children derserves to die