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Eurokids, Sector 13 Dwarka, New Delhi, Review-Never ever

Eurokids was highly recommended to me by my friends who live in NOIDA and Bangalore so before I start saying anything about Eurokids I want to say that may be the problem is only with the Dwarka Sector 13 centre or it could be with multiple centres, I am not sure. I can only talk about Sector 13 Dwarka. Here are the reasons why I will never recommend Eurokids to other parents:-



1. My daughter was 2 years old when we got her admitted in the playgroup. That time we were told that the school timings are from 9-11:30 am. My daughter’s school van now comes at 9 am and she comes back home only after12:15. Considering the distance from our home, the school is just 1.5 km away and if the school is getting over by 11:30 am, my daughter should be home by 11:50 or 12 noon. Earlier she was coming back home on time but for the past few months, ta the height of summers; her van started coming very late. No communication had come from school with the time change as a result parents from our society kept standing in the June afternoon waiting for the van. When we asked the van driver why was he late. He said, he is supposed to drop kids of some other school 1st and then only he can drop Eurokids children. I was so furious on this attitude of taking our time and children for granted and not even communicating anything to us, I called up the centre number many times but no one answered, I called up their Head Office in Mumbai who gave me a regional number in Delhi. I called them up, complained but I don’t know if any action has been taken on my complaint.


2. I was told that since most children are not potty trained so they have ayas to take children to the toilet and even when they soil the diapers they wipe the children like we do at home. Initially they are doing this but all of a sudden my daughter has started coming back home with soiled clothes. They simply remove the diaper and don’t clean the child. As a result, the stool dries up on her skin and clothes. This has happened multiple times. The aya was so rude that she even told our maid that we should make our child pass stool at home before sending her to school. The school expects us to train a child who is not even 3 years old to be potty trained like adults rather than having caretakers who can genuinely take care of small children with compassion. In fact, on one day when the van arrived before time, the teacher who comes in the van was rude again and said, “Were you sleeping?”


3. I enrolled my daughter for their summer camp also, they asked for an English note book for handwriting practise during summer school. I really did not like the idea of teaching English writing in a summer camp but that was also not the problem, they simply kept the note book at school and I don’t even know what they did with the note book I sent in my daughter’s bag.


4. My daughter comes home very thirsty. Obviously they don’t open the water bottle for her so that she could have some water.


5. Another parent’s kid got bitten by another child but the school did not inform the parent. The mother got to know of it when she saw the bite mark on her child’s face. The same parent then told me that the school does not have teachers and instead of maintaining a ratio of 1:15 they are now handling 30 children in each batch with 1 teacher.


6. Every 2 months we keep getting calls for fees payments and a proof of payments even when the fee has been paid and the cheque has got credited.