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Musafir:- Travel Based Photo Exhibition

Musafir: The journey of a photographer

‘Musafir’ is a photographic odyssey of the mind, body and soul of four
wandering photographers, captured through their lenses.

From the dusty adventures of the deserts to the quiet evenings of the
orient, a varied canvas of discoveries of places, people and self is
documented in this journey.

‘Musafir’, a photography exhibition, is being organised at the
“Chitra Kala Parishath” in Bangalore on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of
November, 2007. The exhibition will be at hall No.4 and open everyday
from 10am to 7pm.

The photographers whose work can be seen in “Musafir” are as follows.

Vinayak Das

Self taught as a photographer, he  specializes in documentary and
people photography. An avid traveller, working with natural light and
subjects of social and cultural interest is his forte. He recently
held his first international solo exhibition in June this year at the
Faculdade De Belas Artes at Pontevedra in Spain.

His work can be seen at

Sunil Kumar

A self taught photographer,he is inspired by nature and captures
whatever captures him. His photography explores numerous interests
which include wildlife, landscapes, travel, portraiture and urban
decay. To continue to grow as an artist he experiments constantly with
new media, new tools and new ideas.

Debanjan Das Gupta

Debanjan started dabbling with the various aspects of photography a
few years back. Widely travelled, his creative self enjoys unravelling
the emotions embodied within simple compositions. His interests span
over a wide range of subjects including landscape, nature, history and
abstract elements.

Ashish Vanjari

A travel bug, taking pictures and capturing the moments on his
numerous travels have given him an opportunity to be acquainted with
many beautiful people, places and culture, which has helped him gain a
deeper understanding of this beautiful and diverse world. He loves
landscape photography in particular. Besides being a passionate
traveller and a photographer he works for an IT company in Bangalore.

For more information contact

Vinayak Das
Phone: +91 98451 96437



Why This Now?

Just when everything seems to be going great something as bad as an anti climax in a James Bond Movie is bound to happen. 

Just a while ago I get this NEWS that we will be called back to Delhi by 15th November but I am not happy after listening to this NEWS. This would have been a good NEWS had I got it in the month of April or may be May but not now.  I want to be here because I have found everything here. I have found love in this city and I do not want to go back. 

Strangely, people who are a regular on my blog would know that how much I have hated to be here and how badly I always wanted to go back to Delhi. The desperation was so bad that I started keeping Santoshi Mata vrat and became a laughing stock. I kept Santoshi Mata vrat every Friday and would follow the rules strictly with just one want in heart of going back to Delhi.  I kept cribbing about the people here, the food here even  had an online fight with few locals here through blog comments that we left for each other on Sanjukta’s  blog. The animosity went to a level up when I wrote about methods of screwing up with the city’s favorite snack, the dosa and the idly. Later I met a guy and mistakenly thought him to be the guy I would like to settle down with but that mistaken identity led to my giving up on Santoshi Mata vrat because now I wanted to be in this city no matter how sad I felt.  

The next was the Bar Camp and my meeting my love here which resulted in my dumping the first guy who was now in the US and was my reason to be here. I am thankful to God that I met the first guy because had it not because of him I would have been in Delhi by now and would have never met my love. I am also thankful to God for sending  the first Guy to US because my 15 days courtship led to a lot of addition to my weight which I lost surviving only on curd rice and papaya . I now plan to diet and get back to a good shape. By the way another friend of mine complimented me by calling me voluptuous instead of fat, a compliment that I use as a guilt saving tool with a mouthful of desert and other sinful food kept at my mouth level. 

For all the good karmas that I must have done, I get this guy who also is a foodie and thus I am still paying for my past sins by gaining more weight but that is besides the point. I read it somewhere that you really have to do a lot of tapasya to have your wish granted, so the first tapasya was to actually wait for my love to be single so that he can mingle, once he became eligible to mingle, we started looking for ways to get married but were sent back by Arya Samaj with a  CBSE like question paper and some list of documents to get before we could tie the knot and take saat fera’s and before he can fill my maang with chutki bhar sindur. The most dreaded of all in the list was the “Certificate of Mingle-ability”. Phew!!! All efforts down the drain because the so called “You can now have sex and babies” certificate will come not before November. Nevertheless, we did not give up hope, and have finally been able to fix that problem also but as luck would have it,  I have to deal with a relocation now.  

I hate this. How many more tapasya am I supposed to do? Now I will have to tell my Australian boss that I am getting married and as an ideal bhartiya nari I will have to be with my husband in this city. The problem is, the CEO of India also needs to be informed and I am pinning all my hope on this “wind surfing” crazy boss of mine to deal with.  If they say that  I will have to be in Delhi and can visit this city to meet my husband as and when, I would want to scream out loud and send them my resignation with the subject line and content,  

Dear XYZ,  Tum kya jano pyaar kya hota hai? Kabhi tumne kisi se pyaar kiya? (Please answer in Yes or No) Kabhi tumne kisi ko dil diya (Please answer in Yes or No) 

Translation follows:- I would have to look for a job which will give me ample time to make love and have babies and change diapers and make breakfast because no matter how much un-glamorous it may sound, I would like change diapers more often than crunch numbers sitting in front of a LCD screen. I would prefer to discuss and argue vegetable prices with my ma-in-law than discuss financial discrepancy with a yellow headed, fair skinned moron. I would rather want to stand beside my love when he is doing good in his life and would like to hold his hand when he is not doing so good in his life than shake hands with the CEO in Delhi with a letter of promotion in one hand and have no one to share that good NEWS with because I will not have my love back there in Delhi to pat my back and kiss me. 

So many times I have asked God, why can’t things be simple? All was going well why was there a need for this sudden relocation NEWS?  But on second thoughts, it was me who tried to change the course of action by pestering God on every Friday to send me back, now when I am getting that, I stand on a different platform altogether.  

Moral of the story, never question God because  things happen for a reason.   

Confession:- Once I was told by a friend that I will fall in love with the city, well, I have not fallen in love with the “City” but surely am in love with “Life”  

If my boss does not let me be in this city I will have to look for a job and the feeling is very depressing.

All my diet plans seem so undoable now, because my state of being “Useless” will send me into a binging spree.  

Lets see, what’s in store…as I said, “Never question God”   

Sanju and her so called “live in” relationship

Below is the excerpts of my reply to Sanju’s e mail that she had sent to all of us after having a chat conversation with her mom on having a Guy as a flat mate.

Yes its all about it, a “D” and a “P”. Dip the “D” and make “P” pregnant. 😛  even our emoticons, the smilyes that I am typing (:-D and :-P) consist of a “D” and a “P” what a realisation.

The whole world revolves around these 2 alphabets.  What other better use can a D and a P have in English language?

A for ass, B for boobs, C for cunt, D for u know it already, E for Erotica, F for (yes you know that as well) G for G Spot, H for Horny, I for Intestine where all the sperms travel after an anal sex thinking they are travelling “up above the world so high”, J for Jobs, (hand, blow etc) K for kinky, L for lust, M for masochism, N for narcissist, O for orgasm, P for (yeah u got it right too) Q for Queenie, R for ruptured vulva, S for SEX, T for the T of Copper, U for your ass, V for virgin, W for women, a lot of women, and some “wow” effect, X for the X factor and xtacy, Y for You fuck yourself (which basically means you have been dumped after a good fuck) and finally Z for those x and y chromosomes which failed to make a baby BOY or a baby Girl but made something else instead.

so you realise now, the whole world is about Sex which makes it D.P.S and no that’s is not Delhi Public School, that is Dick Pussy and Sex.

You can get the details of the conversation on her blog post

Here she is.